announced that the former president of the Venezuelan military intelligence and a member of the country 's parliament for the ruling Socialist Party, Hugo Carvajal, defecting from President Nicolas Maduro . 

In an interview with The New York Times , Carafajal, 58, retired from 2012 after 10 years of service in this sensitive post, described Maduro as a dictator, accusing him and his associates of corruption, drug trafficking and seeking Hezbollah's satisfaction .Lebanese.

In a videotape, the former chief of intelligence charged his country with responsibility for "killing hundreds of young people who demanded the restoration of stolen rights" as well as the lack of medicines and insecurity in Venezuela . 

He appealed to Venezuelan generals to break their allegiance to Maduro and allow foreign humanitarian aid to enter the country. 

On the alleged ties between the government of Caracas and Hezbollah, the former intelligence chief said former Vice President Tareq al-Issami visited Syria in 2009 on his way to Iran, met with representatives of Hezbollah and presented a plan for party members to arrive in Venezuela To support the FARC. 

For his part, Hezbollah gave the Venezuelan minister three rifles, one of which was later handed over to Carafajal, and the latter showed in an interview with The New York Times.

Karafakhal was previously subjected to US sanctions in 2014 on the grounds that he supported the Colombian rebels and the United States accused him of involvement in the drug trade. 

Karafakhal was not the first Venezuelan official to step out of Maduro over the political crisis that broke out in the country after the speaker of the parliament, Juan Guadillo, announced on January 23 the interim president of the country instead of Maduro and the recognition of some countries, particularly the United States. 

The US-backed Venezuelan opposition is urging foreign humanitarian aid into the country, while Maduro, supported by Russia, Turkey and China, sees the plan as a "cheap play" that Washington has prepared for.