deputy of the mass of the national approach Hussein al- Aqabi, Friday, limiting the negotiations to file the completion of the ministerial cabin between the two parties did not possess the vast ground within the parliament to pass is not true, pointing out that the deputies are representing the people and Abdul Mahdi communicate with them directly and not By blocks or other characters. 

He said the punishment in an interview with Alsumaria News, "The issue of the cab of ministerial must be to reach a point of convergence and resolve and resolve differences and differences of views, can not be suspended indefinitely is unacceptable and in violation of the Constitution," noting that " The political negotiations in the file of completion of the ministerial cab between two parties, which do not possess the vast ground within the parliament to pass it is not true.

He added that the punishment, "Abdul Mahdi must be aware of the important fact is that the statute in Iraq is a parliamentary system, therefore it needs a parliamentary majority supported by the dome of parliament, an issue can not be reached without opening dialogues with a number of political blocs and parliamentary within the parliament, "stressing that" the deputies are the representatives of the people and Abdul Mahdi to communicate with them directly and not through blocks or other personalities. "

On April 5, 2019, Al-Fateh MP Mohammad Karim Al-Baldawi said that the names of the defense and interior ports were very agreeable and could be easily passed. He pointed out that the main reason why the names were not put in the parliament was the desire of the Prime Minister to offer Names of all candidates of the remaining ministries and vote in one session.