MP MP of the national approach Hussein al-Aqabi, Wednesday, that some of the political blocs began to feel "marginalization and exclusion" in the decision-making political because of the "uniqueness" of two parties to the decision, considering that the current government cab is "partisan by 70%." 

He said the punishment in an interview with Alsumaria News, "There are some political blocs began to feel marginalization and exclusion in the political decision because of the uniqueness of two parties within the political process in all dialogues and discussions on important issues, especially the formation and completion of the cabinet cab," noting that "the key to parliamentary resolution within the Council Deputies with only two parties with very regret. "

"We are in a parliamentary system, not a presidential one, and everyone should be aware of this fact. Participation in decision-making is very important, especially as we live in a fragile international and regional situation and we are under great pressure in the region and need unity and national unity to meet those challenges," he said. And the methodology in thinking and dealing and the resulting outputs of the cabinet cabinet makes the rest of the blocks do not accept to be responsible for any failure or setback may occur. 

He stressed that "we can not accept any outputs produced by the bilateral talks and the previous birth of a government cabinet in which the deficit and paralysis and many remarks and violation of the law and the Constitution, as it includes some ministers criminals and those who have the provisions of a fixed and categorical and some between the procedures of accountability and justice, Efficient ", continuing that"

On April 30, 2019, MP Faleh al-Ziyadi revealed a parliamentary movement to form a new bloc to coordinate the work within the parliament in order to correct the course of the political process. It may include about one hundred deputies, noting that it will not be a political bloc like other blocs, Parliament to correct the course.