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Economic rights and national security strategy


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Economic rights and national security strategy Empty Economic rights and national security strategy

Post by rocky on Thu 17 Oct 2019, 2:27 am

Economic rights and national security strategy

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Iraq is currently in a critical, important, sensitive and detailed phase due to the political, security and economic circumstances, legitimate popular demands, pledges, resolutions and solutions announced by the government, the Council of Representatives and the Presidency of the Republic by agreement between the three presidencies. The two sermons last Friday to support the people and stand by him and called on the government to take immediate and rapid action to meet the legitimate demands of the demonstrators.
Therefore, I believe that the government has a historic opportunity to correct the tracks and draw a clear strategy and specific objectives and timelines for implementation in order to reassure the people that the government is going according to the best interest of the nation and the people and this needs quick and accurate remedies for economic problems and the elimination of corruption and spoilers, especially as official indicators indicate High unemployment rates to more than 30% for the workforce able to work and high rates of poverty to 30%, which led to all these challenges to high rates of widespread financial and administrative corruption and the suffering of the Iraqi people in the lack of services and storytelling It was clear in achieving food and drug security and the weakness of the implementation of the government curriculum, according to the report of the follow-up committee of the government curriculum in the House of Representatives, where the implementation rate did not exceed more than 37%, which led to confusion of the national security strategy, which should form the basis for the stability of Iraq economically and security in addition to that Accompanied the process of change after a year
Therefore, we believe that building a clear basis for the national security strategy in its comprehensive concept with a focus on the economic side should result in achieving security, stability and economic development in order to contribute to the welfare of society and be effective and implementable in the current circumstances in Iraq, so many citizens of different levels Government, political, economic, university professors and civil society organizations, youth, women and professionals should contribute to their preparation through what is now legitimate claims of citizens in the reform yards in Baghdad and the central and southern provinces.
The magnitude of the threats to Iraq internally and externally and focus here on the threats that concern the prospects of economic collapse and waste of public money and instability in oil prices globally requires standing government, political and popular bodies in order to protect Iraq and sustain the construction of its economy according to the realities under the level of everyone's view so we see and accept Doubt that the reforms and economic solutions announced by the Prime Minister, most of which need different ceilings for the purpose of implementation requires reconsideration of trends that must be adopted as an economic strategy to achieve national security in which he focuses on Article 25 of the Constitution and other materials related to that state to ensure a dignified life for the individual and the family and ensure social justice among all classes and sects of the Iraqi people and that this strategy must include the application of realistic axes of government curriculum adjusted according to the latest developments and packages economic and service reforms announced by the government and the House of Representatives and most importantly
Therefore, we believe that the basic and economic principles of the national security strategy are as follows:
 (I) the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Iraq;
2. Building a sound, multi- resource national economy
3. The private sector plays the central role of market leadership
4. Providing food, medicine and environmental security to citizens
5. Securing the dignified life of the individual and the family in accordance with the articles of the Constitution.
6-reform and the development of the sector 's financial and banking and to increase the proportion of their contribution to the development of economic.
7. The State shall guarantee social justice for citizens
Protecting the principle of citizenship and civil peace
9. Reforming and developing good governance institutions to provide the best services to citizens
Information security and transparency in economic data and indicators .
We note through the analysis of the basic principles and economic above that building a healthy economy, which achieves its final results prosperity and welfare of society is the basis in building a strategy for national security that goes beyond the protection of internal security to protect the homeland and ensure its safety from external enemies. From all concerned governmental and political authorities, representatives of demonstrating youth, the private sector and economists to study, discuss and analyze the challenges and reform measures for a secure Iraq and a solid economy in a comprehensive national dialogue based on the following:
1-activating axes that contained in the curriculum of government from through the development of policies and mechanisms of implementation and applied to the development of sectors of economic productivity trends that achieve what is stated in these themes in the detailed aspects and specify a time limit for the implementation of each article of the axes materials referred to Aalah.otan control of the House of Representatives
2. the government to form the Council 's Supreme dept economic , which is composed of experts from the government sector and the private of the order to carry out economic reform , the first step of it , and banking reform so as to enhance the role of the central bank.

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