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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Source: required to lend to small and medium enterprises


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Source: required to lend to small and medium enterprises

Post by rocky on Tue 01 Mar 2016, 3:55 am

Source: required to lend to small and medium enterprises

1/3/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - Hussein al - Tamimi Tgb

is out of the financial crunch with minimal concerned with the goal of economic , both public affairs and special effect, Phase need to start real action in more than one economic Detailed lead to the achievement of economic feasibility.

Financial expert Mohammed Saleh Tahan said: reduce the effects of the crisis Finance on the economy needs to address structured through her ​​start lending to small and medium enterprises , which represents a hub developmentally important achieved positive results for the economies of many countries , which has become a big Shan on the global economy stage.

He said in an interview (morning) that the lending process requires Court follow - up mechanism and rational paths between loans and realized the feasibility of the project and not to allow direct loans to the wrong people. Miller pointed out the importance of providing the necessary liquidity for banks to actually start the process of lending aimed to set up projects in more than Structural and service sector, noting that some banks had completed its preparations for the process of lending as a bank across Iraq and elsewhere have been preparing human capacity and modern systems and programs to start the lending process desired. Contribution actor he said that the CBI should contribute actively to the process of economic development and the allocation of a trillion and a half trillion dinars small, medium and micro - enterprises is an important step calculated to Central, where he leads the loans to rotate the wheel of production and raise the level of services and address the major economic problems through the provision of job opportunities many move chock sectors for these projects , which will be deployed in most of the provinces of Iraq. He said these projects can be a role complementary to projects big strategy through the manufacture of parts important to her, pointing to the importance of a company bank guarantees biggest in providing guarantees for these loans the role and to be working more in tune with the trend lending. human resources and specialized human resources development in the banking matter said the miller to the need to enable workers in this sector of advanced banking technology through their participation in the ongoing development courses inside and outside Iraq under the supervision of the best international experiences, especially that Iraq is in dire need of banking products and sophisticated harmony needed international companies that are looking for products complete its work during the perfect time without the complexity or stagger, pointing to the Iraqi private banks association initiatives in this regard. And the need for the banking sector works in accordance with the best methods for attracting customers on the differences citizens or companies that are selected people with the ability to better methods Global Etiquette in dealing with customer adoption. He stressed that Iraq had many investment opportunities in all sectors can attract global effort and check feasibility economic process for both sides, where they can invest in industry, agriculture, health, education, tourism and all other sectors , without exception.

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