BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq announced Firdaus al - Awadi , deputy coalition Maliki on Saturday, said the coalition supports the division of Iraq Project and the independence of theKurdistan Region with him after the expulsion of the organization Daash terrorist, while this optionhas promised the best solution for stability and exit from the crisis Alssayash.oukalt Awadi in apress statement that today: "Baghdad is safe from any threat by Daash terrorist, and working to improve its international relations . " She added that "once defeat al Daash must divide Iraq into three separate entities for the Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds to prevent further bloodshed" and toresolve political crisis "indicating that" the lack of confidence reached a level not allowed byremaining ( the Iraqis) under one roof , ".oohart Awdi that" after the departure of Daash from Iraq reinforce the partition plan Kurdistan with it the best solution for stability in Iraq for fear of thecontinuing sectarian fighting continued between the communities of the country the ideal solution to the Iraqi policy . "the president of the security Council in the Kurdistan region Barzani has said innewspaper interview that once the defeat al Daash must divide Iraq into three separate entities forthe Shiites, Sunnis and Kurds to prevent further bloodshed.