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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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«Trump» suicide «Hillary»: I will not be nice anymore


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«Trump» suicide «Hillary»: I will not be nice anymore

Post by rocky on Sun 31 Jul 2016, 4:05 am

«Trump» suicide «Hillary»: I will not be nice anymore

Launched the Republican candidate in the US presidential election, Donald Trump, an unprecedented attack on his rival, democracy, Hillary Clinton, said he Issehagmeha fiercely, he said, addressing her «The gentleman no longer exists», after suffering a stinging attack from the speakers during the national convention of the Democratic Party .
Trump concluded a campaign trip lasted five days, including seven states in the Colorado, on Friday, where his supporters chanted slogans: «Ahbsaa» They mentioned her name. Trump supporters said that Clinton deserves a trial over its handling of foreign policy as secretary of state method, and use their e-mail private while in office. At a rally in Colorado Springs, responded candidate on the cheers of his supporters have «Ahpsoha, Ahpsoha» on Clinton by saying «began to tend to agree opinion», he added «Remember this, Trump will not be nice anymore, Mr polite no longer exists», then he changes his tune in Denver when the same chants heard against Hillary. «He honestly tell you what to do instead, is just a defeat in the elections would be a disaster.»
Hillary began her campaign to visit the states of the industrial zone known as «rust belt» and that may decide the fate of the race to the White House. Having made an optimistic country look in her speech to the Democratic Party, a tour of Ohio and Pennsylvania began two and Eitan Taatdharran the decline in the manufacturing sector, and facing Clinton daunting challenge in these States of the billionaire Republican, who is trying to win over working-class voters speech of the anti-free trade and illegal immigration . Seeks Hillary considered Trump danger to democracy to attract moderate Republicans Alnavrin of the star of reality TV earlier, and the alliance with the progressives to the left of her party, she said, «fee Trump negative image bleak divisive for the country's deteriorating», «stewardess, but I do not pretend that everything is perfect, but We have made progress, and we still have a lot of work. »
Clinton offered their commitments to increase wages and create jobs detects a huge package for infrastructure projects in the first 100 days of the presidency and to encourage companies to invest in workers. RealClearPolitics index average opinion polls showed that Clinton and Trump dramatically Mtaadlan in Ohio, one of the swing states of Pennsylvania and is the next of the States, which settled the race, it does tend clearly to the Democrats or the Republicans.
A poll told «Reuters» Clinton made 6 percentage points over Republican candidate one day after the formal acceptance of the Democratic nomination.
Clinton announced a campaign that those responsible for the theft of 20 thousand an email from the Democratic National Committee did violating campaign regulations, as announced FBI (FBI) that bring about the penetration process, and it achieves what if Russia any hand in this informatics attacks ».

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