BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq called for by the Committee on Foreign parliamentary relations and the leader of the Dawa Party , Abbas al - Bayati, Sunday, to employ diplomatic relations withthe major powers to put pressure on the Turkish side to withdraw its troops from the territory Alaracah.oukal Bayati in a press statement today: "On Iraq take advantage of the large diplomatic relations with influencing the pressure on Turkey and regional countries to withdraw its forces from Iraqi territory and the delivery of explicit and clear message to Turkey not to Iraq 's desire to escalation and his keenness to maintain the positive relationship between the two countries ".ofatt that" Turkey realized that the liberation of Mosul operations going well without the interference of any foreign country , "adding" that Iraq must clarify its position fair and commitment to the law of the international community and good neighborly relations in front of nations ".ccant Turkey recently sent military reinforcements to the different areas along its border with Iraq and Syria in a bid" to ensure its security attacks and terrorist organizations and to prepare for any emergency , ".ochhd relations between Ankara and Baghdad tense after the Iraqi parliament 's decision considered the presence of Turkish troops in Ba'shiqah camp north of the country , " a hostile occupying forces "following the Turkish parliament 's approval early October last to extend the mandate of a government resolution to authorize Turkish troops launched military operations in Syria and Iraq for a year.