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Bloomberg: China holds most of the joints of the European economy


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Bloomberg: China holds most of the joints of the European economy

Post by rocky on Sun 29 Apr 2018, 7:14 am

[size=32]Bloomberg: China holds most of the joints of the European economy[/size]

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[rtl]In a recent report, Bloomberg highlighted the expansion of China's influence in Europe, noting that European capitals are ringing alarm bells for fear of China's control over the joints of the European economy.[/rtl]

[rtl]The agency said in its report on the volume of investments pumped by China in Europe over the past decade, and said that Chinese companies were buying anything that interests them, using huge financial resources and benefiting from government support.[/rtl]

[rtl]Bloomberg said China's investment in European countries over the past 10 years was about $ 318 billion, and when compared with the amount of Chinese investments in the United States during the same period, it is 45 percent less.[/rtl]

[rtl]Bloomberg analyzed 679 completed or under-executed deals in 30 European countries since 2008. The agency concluded that Chinese state-owned or private companies had participated in deals worth at least $ 255 billion, taking over 360 companies in various fields from Italian tire manufacturer Pirelli and Irish aircraft leasing company.[/rtl]

[rtl]These figures reflect China's ambitions to dominate the world's leading markets, raising concerns among European leaders, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macaron, who called for more caution and vigilance.[/rtl]

[rtl]The United Kingdom, according to Bloomberg, topped the list of European countries in terms of the number of deals signed with China, which in the past 10 years reached 227 transactions worth 70 billion dollars, followed by Germany with 225 transactions worth 20 billion dollars.[/rtl]

[rtl]France came in third place with 89 transactions worth 13.4 billion dollars, slightly ahead of Italy in terms of the number of deals, which concluded 85 deals with the Chinese side worth 31 billion dollars.[/rtl]

[rtl]The authors concluded that Chinese companies are still interested in many European assets. Many unplanned plans include construction of nuclear reactors in Romania and Bulgaria, the purchase of a container terminal in Croatia, the construction of a port in Sweden, the acquisition of Skoda Auto Company.[/rtl]

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