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Agriculture: Iraq will not import flour


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Agriculture: Iraq will not import flour Empty Agriculture: Iraq will not import flour

Post by rocky on Wed 26 Jun 2019, 2:42 am

Agriculture: Iraq will not import flour

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The Ministry of Agriculture, on Wednesday, that Iraq will not import the mill in the future, indicating that the flour located in the markets local and not imported, while confirmed that the process of marketing wheat and barley crops have seen a stream in the provinces of the center and the south. 
"The flour in the market is local and not imported and we will not import flour in the future," Deputy Minister of Administrative Affairs Mehdi Sahr al-Jubouri said in an interview with the official newspaper "Al-Sabah". "The marketing of wheat and barley crops is ongoing, A press conference after the end of the marketing season, which will be the end of next July, in the presence of ministers of agriculture, trade and water resources to discuss ways to avoid what happened during this season and prevent the recurrence of the future.
"We are working to reduce our imports from the wheat crop to stop the waste of hard currency by importing, which will be reflected on the support of our farmers to buy the crop and increase their income, which will stimulate the cultivation of the coming years in the summer crops and winter," he said, noting that "the increase is available in production and cultivated areas and harvested "He said. 
She explained that "the marketing process witnessed a smooth flow in the central and southern governorates by receiving the dues of farmers within a period of a few weeks, which encouraged farmers to hand over their crop." He said that " In mid-June, and the provinces that delivered the wheat crop are Salahuddin, Mosul and Kirkuk. "
He said that for the first time, the burning of areas of wheat farms, which concentrated in the province of Nineveh, burned more than 36 thousand acres, and then Kirkuk burned 5400 acres, followed by Salahuddin burning 5400 acres, and in other provinces was the burning of farms In simple proportions does not exceed one hundred and twenty acres. " 
He pointed out that "the total area burned amounted to 48 thousand and 485 dunums, while there were spaces saved from the civil defense teams and the hedges that were by the farmers and the limits of one million and 754 thousand acres," noting that "the causes of burning wheat fields multiple, some due to damage to wire Electrical and other deliberate external fire source, pointing out that the distance between cultivated land and agricultural villages and cities, and even some personal hostility among farmers reflected negatively on cultivated areas.

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