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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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The fight against terrorism back to Ramadi for the Liberation of the remains, however Daash



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The fight against terrorism back to Ramadi for the Liberation of the remains, however Daash

Post by rocky on Sun 07 Feb 2016, 5:25 am

The fight against terrorism back to Ramadi for the Liberation of the remains, however Daash

 BAGHDAD / Wael blessing 

Anti-terrorism device forces returned again to fight in Ramadi after a short break to catch our breath after the liberation of the city late last year. 
Device, which is subjected to severe exhaustion over three years battles against Daash, began three days ago, progress toward towns east of the city to recover from the militants. 
He announced the end Last week, the editor Alsjarih suburb in full, which was rigged high explosive improvised and how severe the destruction, which disrupted edited for weeks. awaiting exit of civilians in the meantime, a delegation from the Anbar officials waiting out other families in towns east of Ramadi, which is considered the last bastions Daash, before storming . around 300,000 displaced people from the outskirts of the city of Ramadi, according to Human rights Watch. And pursued there almost daily shells falling on the Amiriyah Fallujah south of Fallujah. He says Amal Fahdawi, a member of the Anbar province in connection with the (range), "wait out civilians from the eastern gray areas to take them to camps for displaced people in Habbaniyah or Amiriyah Fallujah." According Rights Commission statistics man, there are 3.2 million displaced people in Iraq, since 2014. Anbar higher displacement B850 thousand displaced people from the general rates recorded areas of the province. began joint forces two months ago to retrieve a number of neighborhoods in the center of Ramadi and east but it is still not yet ripe for the reception of the population. He says Fahdawi " after the liberation of the city of Alsjarih some families withdrew to Joabh considered far from the fighting. ""Now I arrived edits to Joabh, that anti-terror apparatus returned to participate after a brief pause." He said local administrator said, "so must the families that moved into the backgrounds out of Joabh toward the highway," stressing the possibility of civilian access to the Iraqi joint forces after opening the safe outlets.keen "Daash" in neighborhoods that were under the control of the stealthy among civilians to embarrass the Iraqi forces Taathdhir of targeting civilians. Harbi media cell in turn, announced on Thursday that the "anti-terrorism device able to edit Alsjarih area east of Ramadi and raising the Iraqi flag above the buildings the area after offering heroic forces the machine. " cell and added that" the operation that killed a large number of elements of al-Daash terrorist, raising tens of improvised explosive devices planted by members of the organization in different places. " faced the combined forces, over the past week, the difficulty in progress towards "Alsjarih" because of the presence of mines known as "improvised explosive retina." bombs planted by "Daash" are respectively connected with a number of mines that explode simultaneously, which may cause significant destruction could torpedo the entire village or a half a block Bdakkaiq.uaza Field commanders slow edit the rest of the city of Ramadi, to the intensity of those "destructive explosive" used by the organization in the past Kirkuk and the south of Baghdad. countering terrorism back his part, says the commander of one of the tribal groups of anti-Daash in Ramadi, said the "edit Alsjarih city, the main stronghold of Daash, was the participation of the fight against terrorism and Anbar operations command and a number of battalions of the provincial police apparatus. " the President of the government last month, following the liberation of Ramadi, the withdrawal of anti-terror US recommendations device. the informed sources pointed out that the Americans believe that the army is able to complete the task, and that the strength of the fight against terrorism We need a break and to compensate losses in fierce battles recently fought. but Ghassan Ithawi says that "anti-terrorism forces was supposed to be transported to edit other parts of Anbar, but it seems that the military decision had changed came back three days ago." offering "anti-terrorism" of burnout after three years of continuous battles against Daash ".otsdt force to Daash in Anbar to prevent its spread and its expansion in the rest of the country since the end of 2013. in an interview with the (range), says the machine commander Lt. Gen. Abdul-Ghani al-Asadi" We force raids and we're not interested in staying in Anbar for a year and a half to catch the ground. " and did not train the force on the street fighting, and training has not received for such kind of battles, but al-Asadi says," It was not in front of the commander in chief of the armed forces, or we have no choice but to adapt to the new situation and to prepare new plans. " the change the primary mission of power to incur significant losses in the ranks of its members. Participated force in all the battles that took place in Jurf al-Nasr, Diyala, Amerli, Dhuluiya, Tikrit, Baghdadi, and finally in Ramadi.Battles less difficult on the ground, too, says Ithawi, who leads a group of local fighters in Ramadi, "left is Joabh East and Husaybah to announce fully control the east of Ramadi, linking the city center on the island of Khalidiya. " and reduces the leader of the clan of the difficulty of coming battles, stressing saying" the rest of the eastern gray will be much easier than Sjarih battle. Daash lost his morale and his fighters. " in contrast to rule out Ithawi asylum militants to push cars mined toward the joint forces, however, he asserts that "the plans became clear, our forces have gained experience in dealing with these attacks." declared Anbar operations command, Saturday, stopped by an attack to regulate (Daash) three car bombs, north of the city of Ramadi, while confirming the death of three suicide bombers they were riding in a car bomb.

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