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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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A massive uprising of the tribes against al-Fallujah Daash



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A massive uprising of the tribes against al-Fallujah Daash

Post by rocky on Sun 21 Feb 2016, 2:58 am

 A massive uprising of the tribes against al-Fallujah Daash
 By: Wab1
of Sunday 21/2/2016 3:31

Anbar - Abdul Rashid Saleh 
fighters belonging to the families of the anti-regulation Daash terrorist in Fallujah dominated the neighborhood, "still" in the elimination step is the first of its kind, after three years of absolute control of the organization on Fallujah (60 km west of Baghdad).And still sporadic clashes break out between the two sides in the northern areas of the city, some have described as a "revolution" clan on Daash, prompting members of the organization to launch an unsuccessful attacks bombs wheel on hand Amiriyah, south of Fallujah is the most violent months ago, in an effort aimed at opening a new loophole in the ranks of the security forces . security sources said, "the regulation arrested 150 people in Fallujah, while embarked on a search of homes in different districts of the city, in the actions taken after the loss of control of the bout and the Golan Heights neighborhood in the judiciary." DLF Kubaisi security adviser to the governor of Anbar, he said in an interview for " Baghdad news "," the clashes broke out on Friday between the clans of Fallujah and organize Daash terrorist in Alnzizh area inspired Nazzal, "explaining that" the sons of the tribes now control parts of those areas. " Kubaisi said that" the tribal fighters repulsed the Daash offensive in Amiriyah Fallujah, representing three wheels bomb, "pointing out that" the army Air it processes targets inside Fallujah, but it is difficult to enter the ground troops into the city. " for his part, Amiriyah Fallujah police chief Maj. Arif al-Janabi, said that" Ameriya was attacked by bombs wheel of before organizing Daash terrorist, "noting that" the attack was aimed at the front curtain of the security forces. " he felt security expert Ahmad Sharifi said in an interview for" Baghdad news ", that" tribal revolution that took place in Fallujah, will give a great impetus to security forces for the liberation of the city from the control of the organization Daash terrorist. " among Sharifi that" the sons of the tribes dominate today on the area in Fallujah, it is possible to take control of other areas in the next few days, "pointing out that" the revolution taking place in Fallujah led to the collapse of the morale of the terrorist organization. " the renewed clashes between the sons clans and elements Daash in the neighborhood of Golan north of Fallujah at dawn on Saturday, as announced by the local sources in the judiciary. declared war media cell during a statement received "Baghdad news", "the clashes erupted between tribesmen and organize Daash terrorist in Alnzizh market in the district of Fallujah . " the statement added that" the sons of the tribes took control of parts of the Nazzal neighborhood, while they were able to kill 10 of the terrorist organization Daash, and burned belonging to organize the wheel. "

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