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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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The results of the military operations of the last 24 hours, according to a cell-Harbi media



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The results of the military operations of the last 24 hours, according to a cell-Harbi media

Post by rocky on Mon 04 Apr 2016, 4:12 am

[ltr]The results of the military operations of the last 24 hours, according to a cell-Harbi media[/ltr]

BAGHDAD - Iraq Press - April 4 / April announced military media cell of the Joint Special Operations Command, the results of the military events in thebreakers of all operations, indicating it resulted in the death and injury of dozens of members of al -Daash terrorist in addition to the destruction ofsome of their vehicles and combat positions.

It said the cell in a statement "within the leadershipof the federal police forces, came under terrorist elements Daash conclusive Rapid Reaction Brigade in Baiji - opening all kinds of weapons , and a reply to the sources of fire various weapons and power and forcing them to flee and led to the clash of theterrorist killing of elements Daash and injury ( 3) apoliceman, in embarked pieces of anti - terrorism movement device after clearing a village of the globe and secure way for cuts to access to eliminate the Heat during thecleansing process subjected the enemy to pieces of direct fire , and a reply to the sources of fire and silenced and killed 20 terrorist grab the wheel of a pickup containing ammunition 14, 5 mm, a sniper Steyr number 3, medium machine gun 14.5 caliber, and the bombing of four improvised explosive devices. "

She added , "within the Anbar Operations Command, evacuated pieces X band within the northern axis displaced families ,which turned herself in Albu Assaf area totaling 176 citizens were handed over to the audit committee for displaced people in Anbar province, and the other came out detachments field of engineering and energy engineering battalion Engineering Square infantry Division tenth mechanism to cleanse the international highway of Albu Faraj bridge to bridge Albuaath the inspection resulted in the bombing (52) of an explosive device in addition to the realization of territorial compromise and buried Alqtoat and drilling on the road for a distance of 4 km. "

She said the cell "In a related context emerged a joint force headquarters Infantry Brigade 41 for the implementation ofsecurity duty in the acidic region resulted to be the discovery of 33 of an explosive device and rulers / 2 inside a house within boycotted the responsibility Regiment crowd Anbar Meanwhile dismantled (25) of an explosive device by detachment address unexploded ordnance affiliated to an engineering battalion band 16 in the hill Masood and continued the work of thedetachment where they were dismantled (15) of an explosive device and detonate (70) of an explosive device in the Departmentof Agriculture in the engineers neighborhood and dismantling (3) booby - trapped houses and dismantle (15) commercial store 60 bomber in the right side street toward the Humera area zone. "

He said "within the leadership of the island 's operations, carried out a joint security effective than before (detachment Alkornett operating within the brigade 28 Band 7) in the area (meal) resulted in the killing of a sniper terrorist and destroy theden , who was holed up in it, on the other hand has been cleared the way for a distance of (100) meters towards the white city ,and during the cleansing was raised 42 an explosive device, this has been a joint security effectively carried out by the (artillery battalion , seventh band, the headquarters of Brigade 27 seventh band) in the areas of Albu life (Misseriya, orchards Jawdwih) resulted in killing a number of terrorists and destroying a boat and killing of it. And implemented the security effectiveness ofother joint by the force of Brigade 27, a detachment Alkornett) in the area (meal) resulted in the destruction Walker was theterrorists holed up in it and killed it, and the destruction of the wheel Kia load carrying machine-gun and killed them, and in themeantime carried out the security effectiveness by ( the headquarters of Brigade 29) in the area ( a leap city) resulted in theseizure of the (broadcast demonstrator with a private communications) candle and blow up 10 explosive devices detonated under control. "

And it showed "within the leadership of Salahuddin operations, carried out a joint security effective than before (detachment Alkornett working with the popular crowd) in the area (Makhoul Mountains) resulted in the destruction Walker Athacd where elements of al - Daash terrorist and killed them with a joint effectiveness carried out by the (secret contingency the leadershipof Salahuddin operations, artillery battalion leadership, the Abrams tank belonging to Brigade armored / 34 armored / 9, detachment Alkornett missiles band) in Salahuddin Island operation resulted in the killing of 12 terrorists and the destruction of the wheel Kia download house booby - trapped, with out a joint force of (faction SWAT tactical of the Directorate ofintelligence and counter - terrorism in Basra, the civil defense Directorate, sniffer dogs and anti - explosives) within the Basra operations command, the duty of inspection in the area of Safwan were found weapons and ammunition inside a farm, and the arrest of (4) wanted according to intelligence was lifting of the arms and ammunition by the Directorate of civil defense in Basra. "

She drew the cell "within the leadership of the Liberation of Nineveh operations, carried out jointly effective than before ( theheadquarters and units of the band 15) in a region ( the village of Victory) resulted in the killing of 10 terrorists and the burning and destruction of a wheel to elements of al - Daash terrorist, and within the leadership of the Tigris operations, carried out joint effective by ( the strength of the band first rapid intervention with a detachment treatment bombs Mnfelqh) in the region (Kabashi Jalawla) led to the discovery folds and the bombing of nine different species under control explosive devices. "

She pointed out that " the Directorate General of Intelligence and Security / Directorate of Intelligence Anbar found the biggest booby - trapping and manufacture of explosive and explosive belts factory in Ramadi in an apartment house officers ,district contains hundreds explosive and explosive belts, rockets , " indicating that " the Baghdad Operations Command continues its operations heroic, specifically in the area ( Albu per record) , where I managed after intelligence information accurate and cooperation of the citizens with the security forces, the orientation of the international coalition aircraft to strikeat a gathering of the enemy in the area (Kpahh) and the attribution of artillery, this process resulted in the killing of 34 terrorists, and confirmed our sources said the strike also resulted in the killing of one of the leaders Daash prominent in theorganization of terrorist and terrorist another official for bringing foreign terrorists also serves as the official media Daash inthe region above. "

The "within Infantry Brigade 74 Division 15, went a combined force of (District 74 Headquarters Detachment address unexploded Mnfelqh ​​year / first headquarters) duty to the Thar Thar area was found (12) of an explosive device and detonated under control, while carried out the Air Force six missions by Alsaikoa air combat aircraft in all combat breakers, while thearmy carried out fly 14 combat sorties in the breakers operations, resulted in destroyed the first two wheels Kia and other type Sonata killed (6) Albuabad terrorists in the region. "

She continued that "based on the Directorate of Intelligence Information and Security (feedback) the international coalition aircraft carried out an air strike on a bridge to a railway train bomb in the area of Beit Hit and leap near the industrial district complex was located a sniper suicide over the bridge, which resulted in a strike for the rail completely destroyed as implemented international coalition aircraft , an air strike targeted a vehicle type (Shuffle) booby - trapped in the industrial district, and in the meantime the international coalition aircraft carried out targeted Walker terrorist called the air strike (Khalid Jassim) which is located in the district of the village Sdkh hit used by terrorists Kamadavh them and as a store of weapons, which resulted in a strike for the complete destruction of the nest and killed the terrorist, along with a group of terrorist elements Daash who 's inside. "

She said the cell that " the international coalition aircraft also carried out an air strike on a massing elements Daash terrorist estimated 60 terrorists in possession of a variety of weapons riding (20) different types wheel including two wheels bombs and excavators armored bomb in Abu Takih village of to spend Baaj (province Nineveh) intention exposure on the villages of Um Alveban mother Jeris strike resulted in the destruction of (3) wheels and killed a number of terrorist elements. "Q ended

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