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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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4 of the most prominent tribes of Fallujah, 30 thousand fighters involved in the editing process



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4 of the most prominent tribes of Fallujah, 30 thousand fighters involved in the editing process

Post by rocky on Thu 26 May 2016, 3:10 am

4 of the most prominent tribes of Fallujah, 30 thousand fighters involved in the editing process

 BAGHDAD / Wael blessing 

On the third day for the start of liberalization Fallujah operations, close the joint forces arestill from the outskirts of the city, and did not decide to enter. 
This comes at a time when local official criticized what he described as "sectarian behavior" which he said was made ​​by some factions of the popular crowd, threatening the loss of sympathy for parents . 
There are conflicting reports about the fact that the restoration of the joint forces control of the vine spend Center, the town , which lies to the east of Fallujah, as stated in an earlier statement to lead the operations. 
after midnight on Sunday , the commander in chief of the armed forces Haider Abadi , the Prime Minister announced the launch edit Fallujah operation. 
It took various military formations, estimated at more than 30 thousand element, including some of thethousands of tribal fighters of Al - Anbar, the city of 4 axes. And he began to organize Daash, according tolocal officials, confused , and the request for support from the population through continuous calls in themosques of Fallujah without an answer. 
And The results of the military operations, during the past two days, the liberation of the vine spend, which Baghdad operations , and factions of the popular crowd failed, restore it, despite its use of by the organization as a conduit to attack Baghdad. 
Did emancipation vine Center ?! 
said the leadership of editor Fallujah operations, on Monday last, " The security forces and the popular crowd managed to edit the vine 0.13 km east of Fallujah, in full, of Daash. confirmed raise the Iraqi flag over theJudicial Council building . 
but Saadoun al - Shaalan, Mayor of Fallujah, says that " the information that my possession says that thejoint forces are still on the outskirts of the vine did not enter the city center." 
Shaalan, and in contact with the (range), stressed that the "forces liberated areas, Ibrahim bin Ali, Rashad in Karmah, and flames in the south of the vine . "He added local administrator said , " the joint forces are still battling in the labs area, south of the vine, while the liberated areas Albujasm, Alsjr second, Shihabi 2, Alboaudh, located north of the vine ".rult Iraqi - backed fighters local to the side factions of the popular crowd, fighting locked in parallel on the two fronts of the vine and Fallujah. the 
combined forces advanced out of Amiriyah Fallujah, south - west of Fallujah, towards the (gravel), an agricultural area that includes beautiful villages of Albu Eifan, and the Po Hui. The latter has taken Daash organizing center for the bombing of the Amiriyah Fallujah with mortars. This leads to the tape Fallujah Barrage and the new Fallujah bridge, which is one of the entrances to the city from the southwest. He says al - Shaalan that "forces joint of that axis, has now reached a mosque Bari, which is only 10 km from Fallujah. 
But the combined forces approaching from Fallujah , a distance of 1 km from the point of staff bridge from the eastern axis, where she arrived forces two days ago , but did not decide to enter the city so far because of the continuing clashes. 
according to Shaalan, the military leadership believes that "operations since its inception until now are going according to plan for it." explains the official said the plan is divided into three phases: the siege, progress hasbeen achieved, while still the last stage which is " storming of cities "in the waiting phase. 
bombed by mistake 
and saw Tuesday night Fallujah came under heavy shelling various types of heavy weapons and aircraft. targeting of weapons stores, and the centers of Daash Supply. 
mentions Mayor of Fallujah that one of the strikes hit the wrong target in the Golan neighborhood, south ofFallujah, which resulted in killed 20 people , including 14 members of one family, women and children among them. 
He called al - Shaalan military forces to exercise "precision bombing", warning of the disposal of some of the"factions of the crowd , " which raised photo Saudi cleric Nimr al- Nimr, saying it "sends a bad message population may we patrolled their sympathy with the security forces, or the loss of sources from the inside to say the least. " He was the crowd PDF, which is 15 factions of factions exist in the two axes around Fallujah, the name "Battle , 15 August , " the editorial process, despite the adoption of the government called " thebattle broke terrorism," as the name for the process of liberalization Fallujah. 
30 thousand fighters 
so much as a spokesman for the Anbar tribes Ghassan Ithawi the number of troops participating in theliberation of Fallujah operation, more than 30,000 component, among them three thousand fighters from tribes Amiriyah Fallujah, and Fallujah. 
he Ithawi, in connection with the (range), that " the federal police involved with 20 thousand members , inaddition to pieces of eighth military division, a brigade 14, 51 and 17, along with the participation of thepopular crowd and counter - terrorism forces. " The tribal leader asserts that " the crowd clans of Fallujah, mostly representing clans: Mahamdh, Aisaoyen, Allabsp, and beautiful, located in the south - west of thecity." 
Confirms al - Issawi that " the organization Daash the detention of civilians in Fallujah and put concrete blocks on the ports identified by the Iraqi forces, and those insurgents believed that it would be a way for thepopulation to flee the city. " 
managed about 135 families, until now, to leave the outskirts of Fallujah toward the safe areas, while residents of the city center was not able to leave. Faces Daash full blockade, imposed by the joint forces around Fallujah, especially with the start of two opinions towers at 10 and 14, the progress from Khalidiya Island towards the northern hub of Fallujah, which was regarded as the only outlet to escape the gunmen. 
Confirms Ithawi that the army had begun editing the areas of Albu Bali, and Albuabad in Khalidiya Island, pointing out that the "Brigade 51 of the band 14 cut supplies from Khalidiyah Island to Fallujah fully."

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