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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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The battle of Fallujah, the center of approaching strongholds Daash predicted decisiveness in the Na



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The battle of Fallujah, the center of approaching strongholds Daash predicted decisiveness in the Na

Post by rocky on Mon Jun 13, 2016 3:32 am

The battle of Fallujah, the center of approaching strongholds Daash predicted decisiveness in the Nazzal neighborhood

 BAGHDAD / Wael blessing 

Pat separates the Iraqi elite troops of thegovernment complex downtown Fallujah residential neighborhood one, while still the presence of civilians is the primary node to progress towards the city center. 
Nazzal neighborhood, south of Fallujah, which the joint forces were preparing to break into in order to make their way into government buildings, he had witnessed the heaviest fighting with US forces in 2004, when the "al - Qaeda" at the time controlled the city. 
security officials believe that the same neighborhood will see great battles, especially since Daash does infront of him is fighting after the closure of the Iraqi forces each of Fallujah outlets. 
Daash executed deserters 
to that , local residents said they managed from crossing the Euphrates, towards the Amiriyah Fallujah, said Daash began the execution of its elements fleeing from the fighting zones with Iraqi forces in Fallujah. 
the population (range) that the so - called "Sharia Court" fired bullets at the head of some 20 members of thearmed men fleeing "from battles in the south and west of Fallujah. " 
the deployment of the media team Harbi map that shows the movements in Fallujah, noting that" the security forces moving toward the west of Fallujah areas for editing, and a counter - terrorism continues to progress deep into the city. " 
He spoke security expert and analyst Hisham al - Hashemi, on his page on Facebook, for " the withdrawal of the taste of defeat fighters Daash abruptly from peasant regions and Allabsp and Alajafh and Nasaf , west ofFallujah." 
the transfer of fighters close to the commander of the Fallujah operations team Abdulwahab al - Saadi on thesocial networking sites, saying that "only 400 meters separates us from Fallujah Center. I see it in the grip ofmy hand ... " 
Seized control of the joint forces, last week, the neighborhood of the second of the martyrs, a southern residential neighborhoods in the city. 
He said anti - terrorism device that his forces liberated the entire second Shuhada area of control Daash, and raised the Iraqi flag on the neighborhood buildings. 
Revealed fighters among a crowd Anbar tribes to fight terrorism forces became just 3 km away from Fallujah Center after the liberation of Shuhada neighborhood. " 
They pointed out that in front of the Iraqi forces another task, considered strongholds Daash in Fallujah, such as" shy Nazzal and the Golan Heights "zones. 
and considered leadership in press releases that the storming Shuhada neighborhood and control will pave theentry to the rest of the city of Fallujah and its neighborhoods. 
after the Emancipation proclamation neighborhood, arrived Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, to the leadership of the liberation of Fallujah operations headquarters, for the fourth time since the start of operations, the end of last month, where he held a meeting with security and military leaders, according to a statement issued by the information office. decisiveness in the Nazzal neighborhood it announced former colonel in the Iraqi army ,Mahmoud al - Jumaili, a leader in mobilizing Anbar, for "edit joint forces shy of the martyrs first and second, and the direction of troops towards the neighborhoods of the officers in the east of the city and the bout in the south. " but Jumaili confirmed (range) , " the difficulty of counting the number of dead Almshein, because the anti - terrorism forces in the process of combing and clearing every house and street. " it was Gen. Saadi revealed, on Saturday, killed more than 500 component militants Daash, since the process is starting in Fallujah. Saadi said, in a press statement, said regain control of the city 's process of moving around properly, and that "Daash wants to fight to get to the areas outside the city, but we moved to the inside, and controlled the whole of this region in eight days." he pointed out the time to the presence of Iraqi troops just 3 km from the official building central Falluja site, stressing that his troops would be "within days, not weeks, there in the heart." Pedroh said see - Issawi, head of the security committee in the Anbar provincial council "did not stay in front of the Iraqi forces Nazzal neighborhood is to get into the government compound. " He guessed Issawi, in connection with the (range), that" clings Daash Nazzal neighborhood, as the most influential of his gunmen neighborhood, especially after it closed all the outlets to escape him. " Local official also confirmed edit "Nasaf" areas and "Subaihat" in the west of the city. Knots Rescue of civilians , in turn ,he said Saadoun al - Shaalan, Mayor of Fallujah, said that " the joint forces liberated the Albu Alwan Bridge, from the west side of Fallujah, to become on the outskirts of the Euphrates River." He stressed Shaalan, saidin an interview with the (term). "the existence of progress on the north side, where the troops arrived at thenearby neighborhood of Golan Alazarkah area, one of the strongholds in Fallujah Daash" He pointed to thecontinued Daash send suicide bombers mined and cars that are usually dealt with by Iraqi and international aviation. And participate in such operations, anti - terrorism forces, the regiment Altktki of the police of Anbar, in addition to the band 7th Iraqi Army Division, and the Task rapid reaction, and backed by about 4 thousand crowd Anbar. but the local official , says that " the problem still facing troops is the intensity of civilians in Fallujah Center." It is estimated delighted Black, a member of the human rights Commission, and thepresence of more than 45 thousand civilians, are still being held by the Daash inside Fallujah. He pointed black, in a statement (range), that "Daash used the population as human shields, and that small numbers was able to get out of Fallujah Center." He revealed the official in the Commission that " the camps fordisplaced people received 12 thousand displaced people, mostly from the outskirts of Fallujah , " pointing out that the conditions of the displaced extremely difficult for lack of aid and high temperatures. the Iraqi military command, last week, I decided to slow down the progress of the process of progress toward Fallujah Center, in order to preserve the lives of civilians. she stressed coordinated international mission for humanitarian Affairs , Lise Grande , the United Nations is concerned about Iraqi civilians trapped inside Fallujah. she Grande " we do not know the numbers of civilians there, but tens of thousands of Iraqis have despaired and were unable to escape and access to safe places, we have to make sure they get the support and care they need. " the Grande earlier confirmed that about 5,000 people have managed to escape from remote areas in thevicinity of Fallujah, while residents of the town center was unable to escape from one of them, emphasizing that the protection of civilians a top priority for the United Nations.

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