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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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The Washington Post: Daash silently prepares his followers to cope with the collapse of the "Calipha



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The Washington Post: Daash silently prepares his followers to cope with the collapse of the "Calipha

Post by rocky on Sat 16 Jul 2016, 3:01 am

The Washington Post: Daash silently prepares his followers to cope with the collapse of the "Caliphate"

 BAGHDAD / long-Presse 

Global spread American newspaper confirmed on Wednesday that the (Daash) began toprepare his followers for the possible loss of the territories occupied in Iraq and Syria and " the collapse of the caliphate , " announced two years ago, likely continuation of regulation implementation of further terrorist attacks in response to military losses and "create" his followers to cope with "false succession no longer exist." the Washington post newspaper in a report, I followed ( the long - Presse), said that " the leaders of al Daash promise their followers silently to the new conditions after the losses they have suffered recently in Iraq and Syria, with thepotential collapse of the caliphate . " , noting that those "leaders are resigning that the losses incurred by forcing them to change Stratejathm." the Washington Post, that although "the organization Daash to launch aseries of terrorist attacks around the world, but it is based around a quiet creation of his followers to thepossibility of the collapse of the caliphate announced each boasted two years ago , "indicating that" Daash leaders admit through public messages and actions taken in Syria recently, decline in the fortunes of theorganization on the battlefield while clinging to what is left for them from strongholds prone to fall at any time. " and saw US experts in the field of counter - terrorism , according to the newspaper, that " the bloody attacks in Baghdad and Istanbul last June, is only a response to military casualties suffered by Daash in both Iraq and Syria , " Marjaheen the possibility of " the continuation of such acts of terrorism , especially after thetransformation of the organization from a quasi - state to network under fake loose branches and cells on three continents , at least. " she said the US newspaper that" leadership elements of Daash approved through private interviews and public statements, that the military setbacks suffered by the organization may beforced to change Stratejathm "afterthought" but they nevertheless insist that the succession project is still standing. " the newspaper quoted a leading role in organizing Daash, declined to be named, he was quoted as telling foreign journalists in over the Internet, that" while we see our forces under attack in both Iraq and Syria centers, we were able to convert some of our leaders and media of our equipment and funding to other countries, and we receive daily requests from people who tell us they want to come to the land of thecaliphate here , but we tell them to stay instead in their countries and to wait to do something there. " the Washington Post reported that there are " other indications on the signs of the collapse of the caliphate included statements from officials in the organization during the past six weeks, a period that saw a military organization setbacks ranging from the battlefronts in Fallujah in central Iraq, an extension of the Syrian -Turkish border. " demonstrated the US newspaper that" the opening downbeat of the published regulation in his newspaper news weekly news - speaking AF, which recognizes them according to the forecast, theprobability of loss of land occupied in Iraq and Syria. " He called the organization in those opening titled" illusions of the Crusaders in the caliphate ", to" mobilize follow the organization to insist on the survival ofsuccession , even if all Bedi cities fell Crusaders creep. " According to the editorial , too, that" the crusaders and their followers of the apostates were filled with the illusion that they can remove all the provinces of thecaliphate State once , "and continued , " in fact , the enemies of the succession will not be able to remove the destruction of one of the cities or other trapping or through one soldier killed Prince , or imam, if they want to achieve a real victory they can not so with God 's help , and they will have to wait a long time until erase an entire generation of Muslims who witnessed the return of the caliphate State. " quoted Washington Boss for a researcher well Mkants, of the Brookings Institute of Research in Washington, as saying that "deadly attacks on Istanbul airport in Turkey and the region of Karrada in Baghdad, are part of the attempt toorganize reassure his followers on the sustainability of the survival of the Islamic state." He added Mkants, that " the attacks carried out by the organization abroad constitute an indication of the anxiety experienced by the organization at home He is trying to burnish his image in front of his followers, "he returned that" theorganization is trying to create his followers to cope with a succession of false no longer exist. "

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