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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Qabbanji: talk about the post-Daesh impede the liberalization of Mosul



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Qabbanji: talk about the post-Daesh impede the liberalization of Mosul

Post by rocky on Sat 20 Aug 2016, 3:03 am

Qabbanji: talk about the post-Daesh impede the liberalization of Mosul

 Najaf - BAGHDAD / long-Presse 

He confirmed to Fri Najaf , Sadr al- Din Qabbanji, on Friday, to talk about the post -earlier Daesh premature and aims to obstruct the liberation of Iraq. He pointed out that theforces that contribute to the liberation ofMosul , aimed at assigning its people. 
He Qabbanji, through political engagement in Husseiniya Fatimid and attended (range Press), said that "any talk of a post - Daesh, it is premature to talk was intended to block the release of Mosul," noting that " the Iraqis are able to shape their own future in thepost - Daesh." 
he said the imam of Juma Najaf that " the forces that contribute to the liberation of Mosul , the real goal is toassign the people of Mosul and rid them of Daesh gangs, talk about greed in the territory of Mosul isunacceptable, because the connector to the people of Mosul . " 
and the eighth Imam of Juma Najaf" victories that currently achieved in the fighting , "noting that '' at a time when we are witnessing political problems but our troops with the best performance and congratulate them give priority to liberate land instead of preoccupation Mounacfat political conflicts '', praising at the same time to" support provided by the Iraqi people for the mujahideen who have not seen them in the world, praising at the same time the efforts of the medical staff in treating and saving the wounded. " 
in addition, he called preacher and Imam of Al - Rahman Mosque in Baghdad, Sheikh Salam al - Rubaie, on Friday, the State to address the impersonators recipe Mujahideen and contributors to the phenomenon of theproliferation of weapons in the cities. He stressed the need to provide the public interest to partisan interests narrow factional interests, and demanded the approval of law - Jaafari. Rubaie said, during Friday prayers, "We wonder where amounts 2016 budget, how now there are a number of provinces who have not received any of them and we are now past the half - month of August and on the eve of the month of September?". 
Imam Jumaa Al - Rahman Mosque and added that " the work in Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice ,he has to move seriously and from a position of responsibility, especially the politicians, they are in front of alarge and heavy responsibility. " 
he continued that" the reality of responsibility remind all those concerned , and that means it need to establish law - Jaafari and pay attention to the issues of the nation 's destiny, especially those related to this period theelections and ridding curriculum of falsity which afflict more subjects and the provision of public interest over partisan interests narrow factional interests. " 
and impersonate other for leadership qualities in the popular crowd, Rubaie said that the " most likely you watched during the period preceding the emergence of a new character on the scene with a group of followers dressed in military and religious garb the cases of the raid and others note that the popular crowd has denied the link this suspect person and Bcecchelath intends to issue guidance to eliminate the impersonators recipe mujahideen , "noting that" the phenomenon of the proliferation of arms in the cities are thus warned them good authority in Najaf , which called for limiting arms possession State in battlefields and confrontation only. " 
He called al - Rubaie , the Iraqi state to" respond to such actions in order to preserve its prestige and secure people 's lives , ".onchert pages on social networking sites (Facebook), Tuesday, 16 August 2016, images of aman wearing a black turban and military uniforms claims belonging to popular crowd, as quoted by his on (Facebook) visit security leadership of the Interior Ministry and the roaming in areas where fighting against al Daesh. 
denied Authority popular crowd, last Wednesday, called Baqir Najafi formations link, and confirmed its intention to issue orders and directives to eliminate " prosecutors belonging them and stop infringement intended on the crowd and his leadership and disregard for the security of citizens.

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