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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Daesh launched from Khalidiyah Island to occupy and use the gray tunnels 10-year-old network



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Daesh launched from Khalidiyah Island to occupy and use the gray tunnels 10-year-old network

Post by rocky on Tue 30 Aug 2016, 3:47 am

Daesh launched from Khalidiyah Island to occupy and use the gray tunnels 10-year-old network

 BAGHDAD / Wael blessing 

Continued Daesh militants, in the north spend Khalidiya, fighting for several weeks in a small agricultural area does not exceed an area of 2 km. Field data confirm that the village characterized by Bbassatinha dense they areprepared professionally, for the gunmen disappearing 11 years ago. 

And announced that the Iraqi troops, on Saturday evening, the end of military operations and control of the region as a whole. Forces and revealed turning the region into a headquarters for the organization and control of Daesh in Anbar and nearby provinces. And it has organized more than a thousand armed, including a topaide to the leader of the organization, and some of the prisoners who escaped from the Abu Ghraib prison in 2013. 
The Awakening forces have announced edit Khalidiya island of al - Qaeda in 2007 , district police and subjected to the influence of the militants over the past few years , until he collapsed everything theemergence of Daesh in 2013 , 
and used all of the base and Daesh Khalidiya Island, located between the junction of Ramadi and Fallujah ways since 2005, to implement drop Ramadi scheme and control strategy near Khalidiyah military base. 
controlled Daesh the city of Ramadi in April 2015 from Khalidiya Island. She spoke , security sources on the"incomprehensible security breach" led to the gunmen seized control of the organization on the Anbar province. 
The acquired organization on a number of US tanks and heavy machinery left by Iraqi forces left behind, before pulling suspiciously of gray.   The 
death toll Daesh 
and as Secretary General of the Badr Organization , Hadi Ameri, yesterday, the death toll Daesh in Khalidiya island of more than 1000, denying the existence of women among the dead. 
Amri said, in a press statement, said that " the popular crowd managed to arrest a number of elements of the terrorist organization , " he said , adding that "most of those foreign leaders . " . He added that theoperation "revenge for the martyrs of the bombing of Karrada." 
For his part, Ali Dawood, Chairman spend Khalidiya, said the death toll Daesh on the island between 700 to anarmed 800, stressing that "those numbers from highly accurate sources." 
And David said, in contact with (range) yesterday, said that "Daesh remained trapped over less than a month, in an area called the angle of Albu Bali, located to the north of Khalidiya Island, with an area of about 2 km." 
He said local administrator that the region was immune severely, by regulation former terrorist. He noted that "spending in the corner a range of up to 3 km, and the drilling process took place in 2005". 
Occupation gray striped 
The chairman of the Board of Khalidiya all barricaded al Qaeda and Daesh in that region, and plans years ago to drop gray, military base of Habbaniyah , which includes an airstrip. 
he pointed out that the local administrator to "fall Habbaniyah was morally give impetus to insurgents, but itdid not happen." " The island now has become totally secure", indicating that the area was included former prisoners escaped from Abu Ghraib prison in 2013, and hid the fiercest its fighters. 
The field leaders have emphasized, earlier, for (long) that "Most of the dead in Khalidiya island of Chechens and Asians as well as Arab nationalities and the Iraqis. " 
they noted that the sheer number of dead Daesh on the island" has not seen like him in any battle of Anbar ,not even in the liberation of Ramadi , the center of the process ", which was considered the most influential organization areas. And Izzat leaders rise in the number of dead to 80% of them were those who fled Fallujah after its liberation. 
Raised rapid liberalization of Fallujah, the end of last June, questions about the size of the organization Daesh in the city that have undergone control for two years. 
The Observers believe that the operations waged by the Iraqi army in the island Khalidiya, will provide convincing answers to edit Fallujah speed of about two months ago. 
Fort leaders Daesh 
it says Rafie Abdul Karim al - Fahdawi, Sheikh Alibovhd tribe inhabiting the opposite bank's (corner of Albu Bali), " the areas where the sons of his tribe resides were exposed daily for dozens Alhoanat and missiles from Khalidiyah Island area. " 
He explained Fahdawi, in an interview with the (range) yesterday, said that" the first areas occupied by Daesh in Anbar are Albu Bali and Canaan , both located north of the island, and was the home of Ismail Albiloa assistant al - Baghdadi, who was killed in the latest fighting . " 
and refers tribal leader who clan participated defending gray before its fall, that" regulation under 3 years expands on the island, while not conducted military operations and not once in that region. " 
he noted tribal elder Alibovhd that" edit island in 2007 was the hands of the tribes did not enter the regular forces, "adding" there is no single police station in the region, but a shift in the post to follow the insurgents. "
in the opinion of Sheikh Rafi that" financial and administrative corruption in Anbar cause drop the number of criminals after 2007, in addition to the release of leaders at the base in return for large bribes, leading to gather them later in Khalidiya Island. " 
surprise Khalidiya Island 
Fahdawi says he does not know exactly what was going on in the island during the past three years, adding that" the military forces may surprised at what I found after the liberation of the region. " 
the the Fahdawi group demanding weapons between 2014 and 2015, to continue to fight Daesh, the tribal leader said , "Daesh accounted for about 30 armored vehicles, and a number of mortars says on the island and nearby from the remnants of the army and acid in some battles." 
and the identity of the gunmen who are stationed on the island , Fahdawi says , "there was definitely Arabs and foreigners are coming through Syria through the vast desert. There Iraqi insurgents as well. "

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