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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Oil fires "strangle" Qayyarah after its liberation and the pollution of waters of the Tigris



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Oil fires "strangle" Qayyarah after its liberation and the pollution of waters of the Tigris

Post by rocky on Wed 31 Aug 2016, 3:08 am

Oil fires "strangle" Qayyarah after its liberation and the pollution of waters of the Tigris

 BAGHDAD / Reuters 

It is dark ahead of schedule these days in thetown of Qayyarah, abandoned by elements ofal - Daesh about a week ago after setting fire to a lot of oil wells in the region. And block thesmoke, which escalated in the air, the sunlight before the hours of darkness which is making a spectacle awful in this desert place where there is no electricity amid temperatures of 49 degrees Celsius. 
The restoration of the Iraqi army to Kierh addition to a nearby air base in July , the latest and most important progress in the US - backed campaign to restore Mosul, the largest city under the control of the organization at all. 
It is certain that the loss of Qayyarah and dealt a blow to the organization , which was Daesh oil is produced from 60 wells and sell it to help finance its activities. The organization sends a load 50 trucks a day at least from Qayyarah field and field star near to neighboring Syria. There are still a sign on the main road announces crude prices in places like the Syrian city of Aleppo , 550 kilometers west of Qayyarah. 
Units petroleum refining crude that was used in the refining for domestic use abandoned on the road leading out of town towards the east. 
The overlying the oil smell place either wind laden with smoke from oil well fires Vthb the center of the town.Spending a few minutes in the region guarantor of being infected , a burning sensation in the throat and quickly began to children who are walking the streets in the cough. Abdul Aziz Saleh (25 years), one of theresidents of Qayyarah, said he wants from Baghdad extinguish the fire as soon as possible. "They Ikhnqonna ... black birds and animals. People blacks." 
He said he and other residents of the oil spill into the Tigris River near an assertion denied by the oil ministry ,which said it was to contain leaks using trenches. While several bodies floating seen in the river Monday wasnot possible to ascertain whether the oil has contaminated waters. 
A government source said he extinguished the fires in four oil wells area Qayyarah but Reuters has not been able to monitor any efforts of this kind in the vicinity of residential areas , wells . 
could be seen more than a dozen separate plumes of smoke on the horizon at nightfall when she wasapproached a convoy of fire trucks from the town. 
the oil Ministry said it does not expect to resume production area before restoring Qayyarah Mosul. The fields are the main two Qayyarah and star produce 30 thousand barrels of heavy crude a day before controlled by the terrorist organization Daesh. 
Although the well blowout Qayyarah still full of people. While civilians fled in most other areas that have been restored from the organization Daesh before or during government attacks residents Qayyarah, numbering about 20 thousand people in their homes remained. 
An officer in the fight against terrorism that it is partly due to the speed at which regained its army Qayyarah as surprised fighters Daesh organization. Qayyarah well located near a military air base, so Many people have relatives of military personnel. 
With power outages and dispel fear of punishment under the strict regime imposed by the militant group of the population took to the streets Monday , waving vehicles army , which handed them over basic supplies such as food, sugar , oil canned food. 
and raise children hands peace sign and play some center of spilled oil pools in the main streets after dawn organize Daesh pipelines and wells near a major hospital in an effort likely to obscure the vision of coalition aircraft. 
the officer said the anti - terrorism who led Qayyarah process along band ninth army armored "Hasrnahm quickly did not have enough time to plant a lot of improvised explosive devices." "There were a lot of them on the main street , which we imagine we go , to enter, but we entered the desert." 
With the approach of the city the effects of the fighting , which was followed by the show, many of thebuildings collapsed due to aerial bombardment. Coalition led by the United States and said he was more than 500 launched to support the Iraqi forces air strike , which is approximately the number of strikes in the past year battle to regain the much bigger city of Ramadi. 
And will be Qayyarah and its air base - where the US to strengthen forces will be stationed strong 560 Jendaa- main base to attack the upcoming to restore Mosul , which lies 60 kilometers to the north.

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