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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Create "a crowd of Nineveh" 15 thousand volunteers has not resolved the dispute on the liberalizatio



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Create "a crowd of Nineveh" 15 thousand volunteers has not resolved the dispute on the liberalizatio

Post by rocky on Sun 18 Sep 2016, 2:11 am

Create "a crowd of Nineveh" 15 thousand volunteers has not resolved the dispute on the liberalization of Mosul forces

 BAGHDAD / Wael blessing 

In an effort to pave the way for the start of the process of liberalization of Mosul, officials are likely to bow to the United States toaccept the participation of a limited selection of the factions of the popular crowd to restore the city of Daesh. The question being debated widely in Iraq, months ago, about those who will be allowed to participate as described decisive battle with the regulation. It is likely to be given to thecrowd, in the light of the US approval, the task of editing , near the Syrian border, where some Shiite towns exist. 
According to statements made ​​by officials at the Pentagon, it is expected that the liberalization of Mosul process begins next month. The local officials in Nineveh could have talked about an Iraqi differences - US about the participation of the crowd, led to the withdrawal of the "anti - terror" forces to Qayyarah base, after only a few weeks of editing the south of the center conductor. 
Washington plans to send additional troops for special operations to provide assistance and advice Iraqi units that will move toward Mosul. It is likely that the advisers Americans resides on the demarcation lines Unlike previous operations , which the American side only where its support remote Iraqi pieces. 
Includes Qayyarah base of hundreds of US military elements , which is preparing to provide support to Iraqi units, and familiar with Iraqi officials confirmed. Iraqi sources and other foreign and expects to begin within afew days of air strikes in preparation for the start of ground operations. 
However , Iraqi officials insist that the timing of the operation is closely linked to completion of the annexation of about 15 thousand volunteers from Nineveh sons for "popular crowd Authority" procedures. These fighters and will grab the land to fill the void that has been failure liberated forces in large areas of tasks. 
Flexible US 
says Moseley official, close to the Iraqi and Kurdish and American sides, that "Washington may agree to give the popular crowd a similar role to what happened in the liberation of Fallujah process." 
Confirms The source, who spoke to (range), on condition of anonymity for lack of authorization to declare, " The US plan calls for allowing some Shiite factions within the popular crowd to enter the hill areas Abth through Tal Afar Shiite down to the Syrian border." 
The parties of the popular crowd, has been involved last June, in the liberation of Fallujah operation, but they are prevented from entering the city center, according to the Iraqi leadership. 
confirms the official familiar with the "Washington categorically rejects the entry of the crowd troops into Mosul." 
saw Baghdad and Erbil, in recent days, marathon discussions led a US delegation senior headed by Anthony Blinken , Deputy Foreign Minister, during which he held meetings with Prime Minister al - Abadi and political leaders, and updated in the Kurdistan region to meet with the region 's president , Massoud Barzani. 

stances contradictory in 
turn confirms Abdulrahman Olokua, a member of the Nineveh provincial council, said that "non - participation of the popular crowd in the liberation of Mosul is among the measures beyond salvation Daesh. " 
Olokua, who heads the civilian bloc in the provincial council, pointed out that" the provincial council wants togive a positive message to the people of Mosul, and to encourage displaced people to return after theliberation of the city. " 
the official added Musli" the presence of the popular crowd scare the population, the incidence of breaches, as happened to some of the elements in previous battles participated by those factions. " 
the Nineveh provincial council had voted to" deny " the participation of the popular crowd in Mosul editing process. He attributed the Council, at the time, his decision to a desire to "share" the sons of Mosul in theediting process. The council said it "would be to blame and accuse of failing if they do not do it . " But David , a soldier, a member of the security committee in the House of Nineveh, criticized the Revival bloc headed by the governor of Nineveh current Novell Akub, and accused it of "inconsistency" in its attitude towards theparticipation of the popular crowd. 
He said a soldier, in a statement to (range) yesterday, said that "Akub block are made ​​to the draft decision toprevent the participation of the crowd, pushed the parties in the Council to vote on the project, but its president agrees in Baghdad with Shi'ite factions to enter Mosul." 
describes the head of the security committee in the Nineveh prevent People crowd to participate in theliberation of Mosul as "illogical." It also points to the existence of two brigades of Turkmen Afar (Brigade ofTal Afar , 1 and 2), grouped into the popular crowd forces. And it asserts , "can not be a soldier prevented any party from participating in the liberation of their areas." Troops that "there Yezidi forces of Arab and another called Balnuadr, a subsidiary of Vice - Rahman al - Shammari, both within the popular crowd, andcurrently resides in Sinjar areas northwest of Nineveh." He also says 
other disputes 
and denies troops reached the Iraqi parties so far to the "agreement" on those who will take part in the battle of Mosul. He also asserts that " the differences over the future of the city will hold it even more." 
Accuses the parties of the state law united the head of Osama Najafi , of seeking to establish a "Sunni province in Mosul , " US support. On the 
other hand , Iyad Allawi 's bloc considered that the invitations efforts to divide the province of Nineveh to several provinces It would serve "Daesh." She called to start a "community reconciliation" to run the province for the post after the defeat of the organization. In 
contrast accommodate differences in Mosul , to include the refusal of some parties post the former governor of Nineveh ethyl Najafi forces, while returned calls to remove Turkish troops. 
He says Abdulrahman Olokua "Turkey will not move without the approval of the Iraqi government , "expected to be a role within the international coalition activities. 
reveals Olokua agreement between the Authority and the popular crowd Ethel Nujaifi join the " national mobilization "to the chancellorship of national security. The Faleh al - Fayad, and the chief of the crowd 'snational security adviser, have pledged, post crowd Najafi Bandhamh to the body. 
The unique Peshmerga forces that there is no veto on their participation in the battle of Mosul, according to aKurdish member of the council of Nineveh David troops. 
Current data that "zero hour "the battle of Mosul depends on resolving the current disputes, as well as speed up the absorption of 15 thousand volunteers from Nineveh sons process within the popular crowd. 
He says Olokua that" large areas liberated forces Sttrkha on the road to Mosul, and be protected by the new volunteers. " 
the attention of Member of the board of Nineveh to "slow the process of localization, and the number reached half so far."

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