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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Starting the process for the Liberation of villages south of Sharqat in response to suicide bombings



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Starting the process for the Liberation of villages south of Sharqat in response to suicide bombings

Post by rocky on Sun 25 Sep 2016, 2:25 am

Starting the process for the Liberation of villages south of Sharqat in response to suicide bombings north of Tikrit

 Baghdad / term 

Launched in Salahuddin province, yesterday, to liberate villages Azwaip and Almsg north of theprovince a military operation. The operation came in response to a suicide attack on theconvoy of the provincial police chief and a local official near the checkpoint north of Tikrit, which killed at least 11 people. It was announced hours after the emancipation village Azwaip from the control of the organization Daesh a starting point. 
A security source said (long - Presse) " The joint forces managed to free the village Azwaip and killed four members of the organization Daesh and grab six wheels of the organization and the destruction of four bombs during the battles for liberation." The source confirmed that "military units continuous progress towards the villages south of Sharqat for editing, including the village of Almsg." 
It said Ahmed Abdullah al - Jubouri, the governor of Salah al - Din, for (long - Presse), " The joint forces raised the Iraqi flag over the buildings Village Azwaip." He called al - Jubouri , the central government to "contribute to the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the province liberated areas and re - displaced people and to support the security forces in it ." 
Declared security sources, yesterday morning, killing at least 11 people in an armed attack followed a suicide truck bomb attack on a security checkpoint in the northern city of Tikrit. 
the sources pointed out (long - Presse) that " the outcome of the suicide attacks that targeted the provincial police chief 's convoy and a local official near the checkpoint rose to 11 people , including a police lieutenant colonel and soldiers and members of the crowd, and wounding 23 others." in 
turn, the police colonel told ( AFP) that "12 people were killed and 23 others injured in an armed attack on acheckpoint northwest of Tikrit , followed by a suicide truck bomb explosion that targeted the main checkpoint at the northern entrance of the city." 
He said security official said "armed men who were escorting the truck attacked a checkpoint in the peace village of north - west of the city of Tikrit, killing four policemen. " 
Col. out that" the attack were allowed to enter the booby - trapped truck that was coming from the Anbar desert toward the security barrier in the north of the city and detonate it , killing eight paramilitary soldiers and wounding 23 others injured. " 
and regained the Iraqi authorities, two days ago, control of Sharqat other cities in this province , which was under the control of the organization Daesh more than two years. In this context, Ahmed Karim, chairman of the province of Salahuddin, the immediate return of displaced families to spend Sharqat during the week announced. 
The Koran, in an interview with (long - Presse), "After that ended the joint forces, purging spend Sharqat process we will start the return of displaced persons during the next week , "noting that" the organization ofDaesh, he could not resistance more than two and a half day, and that the battle did not result in civilian casualties , despite fighting in the streets. " The Chairman of the Council of Salahuddin province that he met with the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Displacement and Migration was agreed to send 15 thousand food parcels and other material relief to meet the needs of the steadfast families that did not leave the judiciary, calling on residents to support the stability and support of the state and cooperate with the security services. 
For his part, stressed Yazan al - Jubouri, a leader of the brigade Salahuddin told the crowd clan, for (long -Presse) that " the crowd forces did not provide losses in the battle of cleansing the judiciary only two martyrs and eight wounded, while we were able to kill more than 70 component of Daesh, as well as repel 11 a car bomb driven by a Anthariyon. " 
in the same context, the Government of Salahuddin, announced an agreement with the leadership of Samarra operations to open the door of the return of IDPs to their areas liberated south of the province. 
the head of the provincial council, in a press conference held at the leadership of the Samarra operations, said that" a meeting between me and the commander of the Samarra operations Maj . Gen. Imad Zuhairi in thepresence of governor Ahmed Abdullah al - Jubouri was agreed through the open door of the return ofdisplaced people to master strange areas north spend Dujail and Aziz east of the country spend the country starting next week. " 
He said Ahmed Karim" the provincial council coordinated with the leadership of the popular crowd on thereturn of families the displaced to their homes in the master of strange areas and dear country , as well as anagreement with the families of those areas on this issue. " 
for his part , the commander of the Samarra operations , Maj . Gen. Imad Zuhairi said , " the meeting resulted in an agreement on the formation of a committee to re - displaced people, including a batch of residents in Kurdistan . " noting that " the Commission will study them within seven days." 
he explained Zuhairi that " the process of re - displaced people to hand Yathrib currently being evaluated and we will work on the introduction of about 400 families per day to areas dear country Ghraib and master , and later we will open the door of the return of the people Alfarhatah district ISHAQI." In 
turn, he said , Salahuddin Governor that " the families of the country and Dujail and Dhuluiya welcomed thereturn of displaced families and contribute in maintaining security and order and to rebuild what was destroyed by terrorism."

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