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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Iraqi army regains full gray island



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Iraqi army regains full gray island

Post by rocky on Wed 05 Oct 2016, 3:15 am

[ltr]Iraqi army regains full gray island[/ltr]


Anbar , Iraq-Presse October -5: Anbar Operations Command announced the restoration of the islandof Ramadi in Anbar province , a fully organized Daesh, who had dominated since mid - 2014.

He said the operations commander Maj . Gen. Ismail Mahlawi to field reporters, said that " theIraqi army band segments within ten Anbar operations managed, on Tuesday, to restore thegray island, north of the city of Ramadi, a wholly al Daesh terrorist."

He Mahlawi, that " the island includes areas Albualla Jassim and Albuasav and Albu - Thiyab and Albouchaban plus a nearby area called Trabshh , " pointing out that "these areas are under the control of our units , completely."

He Mahlawi, that " the liberalization process of the gray island came after the killing of dozens of terrorists and destroyed several of their wheels mediated floor of our units ( the army), and the flight of the international coalition and the Air Force and Army Aviation helicopters."

Among Mahlawi, that "our troops now scattered across the island of gray areas, and continues to be cleared of mines and improvised explosive devices" .anthy (1)


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Re: Iraqi army regains full gray island

Post by notazbad2000 on Wed 05 Oct 2016, 3:28 am

Like dominoes...they fall!!!


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The last bastions of terrorism gray island purge

Post by rocky on Wed 05 Oct 2016, 4:16 am

The last bastions of terrorism gray island purge

5/10/2016 0:00 

[rtl]BAGHDAD / morning of Mosul / Sunrise Maher 
completed our troops yesterday morning cleansing Albuasav the last area strongholds Aldoaash gray island .. besides grab a proactive process to a secret camp for them in the Hamrin Mountains and the arrest of Who 's it .. and while the killing of the so - called (military commander) to areas south of Mosul .. reporter learned the "morning" of local residents Daesh gangs procedures tightened to prevent theescape of their leaders from Mosul to neighboring countries.    

triumph hijacker   
has said in a statement to the cell media war, said the joint forces were able to raise theIraqi flag over the buildings Albuasav area which represents the last stronghold ofremnants Daesh within the northern island of gray. As made clear the leadership ofAnbar operations X band forces regiment emergency leadership had stormed the area atdawn yesterday and completed the editing on Tuesday morning record time Mekpdh enemy Aldaasha heavy losses, the memorandum that the past few days have seen thecompletion of clearing areas of Albu - Thiyab and Albouchaban and Albualla Jassim within the gray island of the same area. 
He told an official source in Anbar operations command, details of the operation, saying: onrushing force has made rapid progress since its launch and managed from a central Albu Assaf police edit, steadfastness and project the second water station project drainage and bridge (Ali Hatem) in Albuasav down to impose control over the entire region unrealized victory hijackers. 

proactive process 
at the same time it is conclusively Diyala operations commander of the Tigris operations Lt. Gen. Mezher al - Azzawi said, adjusting and grab a secret camp gangs Daesh in thehills of Hamrin northeast of Baquba, proactive process carried out by formations operations command in Qzlaq area and succeeded in ten terrorists arrested gunmen inside , in addition to the seizure of weapons, munitions and explosives were destroyed on 
 recalling that the Tigris operations also succeeded in recent months in the destruction ofseveral secret camps for those gangs in different areas of Diyala province , especially near the administrative boundary with the province of Salahuddin. 
on the level itself confirmed Diyala province police chief Maj . Gen. Jassim al - Saadi, said the detachments of combat police foiled yesterday an attempt Doaash exposure on joint security stationing point in the great Hawi area north of Baquba, and seized their equipment and pursued them during their flight toward the limits of Salahuddin province ,and achieved them directly injuries. 

escape Aldoaash 
move to Sector Nineveh operations, said a defense ministry statement the killing of theso - called (military commander) to the south of Mosul , the terrorist nicknamed (Abu Suleiman) , whose real name (Ibrahim Mohammed Halil) , who is wanted by authorities and 
as local residents of the province of Nineveh, the correspondent "morning" for detecting the Daesh gangs infected with panic and fear after hearing the arrival of huge reinforcements to the outskirts of Mosul .. making it forced all the elements to attend to incarcerate them in the Holocaust death to sense the impending arrival of the start of thebattle to liberate the city in a desperate attempt to cover acute shortage in the number ofits terrorists who are fleeing as soon as they heard Ptqrb forms our sector, pointing out that these bands has an inventory to prepare the remaining elements in addition to thewithdrawal of mobility to its leaders that had been granted to them earlier licenses so asto prevent them from escaping to Syria , against the backdrop of the escape of dozens of them over the past few weeks with their families. 
He pointed out the population that frequent breakouts leaders of terrorism and thedisappearance of many of them caused the outbreak of chaos and lawlessness among Aldoaash as well as the collapse of morale in conjunction with the imminent start of thebattle to liberate Mosul. 

destroy their hideouts 
to that quoted us for Dean in Nineveh police, Mohammed al - Jubouri, said warplanes bombed under intelligence information accurate four military sites taken including Aldoaash stores of weapons and ammunition in addition to the headquarters for themeeting of the terrorists of the leaders Daesh on the left coast of the city of Mosul, indicating that the bombing that killed three leaders of Arab nationality and eight elements Daesh locals. 
 the defense ministry said in another statement that within the context of strengthening preparations forms of our units , and readiness full separation of the battle for theliberation of the province of Nineveh, and in the framework of the remarkable progress that has witnessed operations breakers to eliminate the remainder of the Daesh gangs throughout Iraq, Maj . Gen. 71 forces destroyed the band 15 within the Ninawa operations command emphatically and specifically the North hand Qayyarah, six -wheeled bomb and Hvla armored follower of the remnants of the terrorists Daesh defeated gangs, where they have killed all the terrorists and suicide bombers who were inside the wheels, mostly nationalities 
 foreign. [/rtl]


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Re: Iraqi army regains full gray island

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