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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Busted !!! Mult. Gov’t Insider Leak – Hillary’s 33,000 Deleted Emails To Be Leaked By FBI Insiders-v



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Busted !!! Mult. Gov’t Insider Leak – Hillary’s 33,000 Deleted Emails To Be Leaked By FBI Insiders-v

Post by Lobo on Wed 19 Oct 2016, 4:08 pm

Busted !!! Mult. Gov’t Insider Leak – Hillary’s 33,000 Deleted Emails To Be Leaked By FBI Insiders-vid
Wednesday, October 19, 2016 10:47

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(Before It's News)
Here at Victurus Libertas, we have been busy talking to Anonymous, and multiple insiders.
We already knew the leaks that everyone blames on the Russians are actually leaks coming from within our own Government.
However, our sources want to make it very clear that everyone understands this. All of the mainstream media (as well as Killary) is purposely blaming Russia, so we can easily start a war with them.
According to anonymous sources, “All 33,000 deleted emails are going to be released November 1, probably in 4–5 sets, these emails are going to be the complete undoing of the Democratic Party. We are purposely holding them back so they cannot have time to replace Hillary.”
“Also we are NOT Russian, despite what CNN tells you, we already have inside info that Obama is literally going to start a war with Russia to cover up the crimes that are in the emails,”
By the way… did anyone see THIS warning?
WE ARE NOW IN DEFCON 3. CODE YELLOW. These leaks mean Obama and Hillary will be held for treason then end up with the same terrorists they have influenced – by this time next year. Hillary knows once the emails get released she’s done.
Obama also knows he will go down with her and that is why he is willing to start a war to start to draw attention away from their crimes. These emails about to be released in the next two weeks, will be so much worse than the pathetic “grasping-at-straws” tape they dug up for Trump.
By the way, there are six Killary videos being released, also. One documents Hillary being racist against a female African-American.
The amount of hatred seen in her face for their community will be a wake up call for anyone who is still a Killary supporter. There are also documents and videos coming this week, according to sources, that will demolish the Democratic Party, specifically HRC’s campaign. Sources claim the Democratic party has been caught on camera committing felonies.
The kind that makes voter fraud that have already been released, look like a jaywalking ticket.
Among them, apparently, there are bribes and threats to control the media and election officials. Wikileaks, Cicada 3301, Anonymous, DCleaks, Guccifer, are all connected. In 2015, a software program called Cakes was developed so insiders could report on Government corruption.

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