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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Oil bill "waiting for" an amendment to a vote by agreement between the Kurdistan National



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Oil bill "waiting for" an amendment to a vote by agreement between the Kurdistan National

Post by rocky on Tue 22 Nov 2016, 2:16 am

House of Representatives hearing
Oil bill "waiting for" an amendment to a vote by agreement between the Kurdistan National

Author: AB, ASJ 
Editor: AB, BK 
11/22/2016 01:13 
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Long-Presse / Baghdad
Revealed the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary, all efforts to pass a draft oil and gas law, as amended, accusing some of blocs and political parties to derail approval for "incompatible with the interests", while the speaker of parliament adviser count to modify it "has become inevitable," the Kurdistan Alliance confirmed submit proposals received b "admissibility" of the National Alliance on the project.
Political blocs, "you do not want to" pass a law to preserve the "interests"
A member of the Committee, Awad al-Awadi, in an interview to the (long-Presse), that "the failure to pass the oil and gas law in parliamentary sessions the previous two due to a political decision rather than a technical", accusing some blocs and political parties to "not wanting to maintain law and incompatible with the political and partisan interests." .
He revealed al-Awadi, for "seeking views on the Commission to prepare a new draft law agreed upon by the political blocs to be passed in the parliament and the law is passed as soon as possible", referring to the importance of the "enactment of the law to organize the work in the oil and gas extraction and an end to the differences between the governments of the center and the provinces and the Kurdistan region on View industry oil. "
Amend the draft oil and gas law "has become inevitable."
It said adviser Chairman of the Board of Representatives for Energy Affairs, Ali Fayad, said in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The amendment of the draft oil and gas law during the current session has become inevitable after the expansion of the size of the differences it, as well as the new consensus that formed on the basis of the current government." noting that "the project, which was launched during the previous parliamentary sessions is still under discussion and criticism of some of the blocks in which a lot of problems and injustices right to see, particularly the Kurdistan Alliance."
He noted Fayad, that "some blocks sought to modify the project and asked again began since the second session of the parliament and continues without doing about my grandfather," expected to "play to the oil and gas committee studying the proposals made by some of the blocks to modify the project and re-put to the vote." .
Kurdistan proposals are to "admissibility" National blocks
In turn, the Alliance MP and head of the Oil and Energy Committee in the House of Representatives Iaraz Abdullah Ahmad, in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The draft oil and gas law has long taken a great deal of discussion of the political blocs as regards imports of the center and the region and revealed through a lot of facts lost on the region benefits, "pointing out that" the project has received during the discussions of the importance of negotiating committees by the Kurdistan alliances and national efforts that led to the formation of the current government. "
Ahmed said, "The Kurdistan Alliance has prepared a paper containing a set of proposals on the project were discussed during the meeting of negotiating committees, where they enjoyed the admissibility and the interest by both parties," stressing that "the committee agreed to put forward strongly by the Council of the next House of Representatives sessions in preparation for reading and approval."
The Commission on oil and parliamentary power, in (the sixth of September 2011), that the draft oil and gas law submitted by the government to the parliament, involves a "constitutional violation" to confiscate the right of the provinces and territories, indicating that it is possible to amend the draft law and enriching to reach a suitable formula to be agreed upon between the political blocs.
The Iraqi government announced, in (28 August 2011), on the ratification of the draft oil and gas law, and decided to submit them to Parliament for approval, while Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs Office, Hussain al-Shahristani, on the second of July, the government introduced "some adjustments" to the draft oil law, which is long overdue and reviewed by the Committee on energy Council of Ministers.

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