BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq said Iraq 's national security adviser and chief of the popular crowd Faleh al - Fayad, on Monday, his country 's approval of the appointment of Brigadier "Iraj mosques" Senior Advisor to the commander of the Qods Force of the Revolutionary Guards , Gen. Qassem Soleimani, the post of ambassador to Iran in the Iraqi capital Baghdad. said Fayad , " the appointment of Brigadier General Iraj mosques of the post of ambassador to Iran in Baghdad is not about Saudi Arabia , an issue linked to Iran and Iraq , " a reference to the refusal of Baghdad to the statements issued by the former Saudi ambassador to Baghdad , Thamir Sabhan which he described Brigadier "Iraj mosques" as " a criminal and a terrorist war and required internationally . "He added the Iraqi official" theme represents Iran in Iraq is a matter for Iran alone in coordination with the Iraqi side , there is no need for the positions of Saudi Arabia and others, and we welcome any character you choose Iran to the post of ambassador in Baghdad . "He continued , " We have very good memories about Dean Iraj mosques which contributed to the support of the popular crowd after control of the organization Daesh and entry into Iraq . "the Brigadier General Iraj mosques close to Qassem Soleimani, confirmed in 14 of January of this, appointed the post of Iran 's ambassador in Baghdad to succeed the current ambassador , " Hassan Danaii fled , "a leader of Corps - Quds also, as the former ambassador in Baghdad , "Hossein Qomi" of the elements of this Legion , "Revolutionary Guards .oaattabr the Iranian embassy in Baghdad have strategic importance within the states that are subject to the influence of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Alaarani.ovkd post of Iran 's ambassador to Syria, after he had managed Foreign Minister Mohamed Javad Zarif at the end of last December, it passed its candidate diplomatic Jawad left Abadi , ambassador of Iran in Damascus , succeeding member of the Revolutionary Guards , a former ambassador , "Mohammad Reza Sheibani , " whose term expired on 25 October / October Almadi.oatkasem Revolutionary Guards , Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of intelligence responsibility set Iran 's ambassadors in other countries, where the Revolutionary G