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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Europe in a state of denial of the threat from al Daesh


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Europe in a state of denial of the threat from al Daesh

Post by rocky on Thu 25 May 2017, 4:00 am

Europe in a state of denial of the threat from al Daesh

Focused on American newspapers incident an armed bombing organization Daesh himself in the ballroom in "Manchester" in Britain, including the Washington Times newspaper, which said the incident highlights the complaints analysts counter-terrorism affairs, and who complained that European countries live in a state of denial about the threat exposed by the extremists.

The newspaper added that the British police, for example, during the run over a British citizen to a group of passers-by accident, said on a bridge and Astmansart busy they did not find the motive behind the attack, which took place last March, while the intelligence coordination between Belgium and the United States late when it occurred airport attacks Metro Brussels in March 2016 as well.

The newspaper explained that while Europe has become a haven for thousands of immigrants from Syria, the areas under the control of state regulation, the messages broadcast by the organization through social networking sites indicate that the extremists have given care to the perpetrators of the attacks under the eyes of European intelligence services.

Michael Rubin, analyst sees foreign policy at the Institute of the American Enterprise that «denial of the case that is sweeping the European political class hinder the ability of security officials to address the issue of radicalization and recruitment organization Daesh gunmen from inside Europe.»

Rubin added that Alourbin citizens who went to the territory of the organization Daesh and are now returning to their countries of origin they have begun to implement the attacks, whether it happens now or in the future, and the reason that Europe's leaders lack the courage to put these returnees in prisons, and to put an end to these attacks. He described Europe as Robin has become a stomach environment for the radicalization of terrorism.

The Steven Stalinsky director of the institution concerned MEMRI analysis of Middle East Affairs estimated the number of supporters of the organization Daesh in Europe in the thousands, depending on its estimates on an analysis of a large number of Alsocheal Media talks of the organization.

A number of local -alven spoke to Washington Times-to the problem of poor control in the streets in Britain, where police do not publish a large number of official officers who could have a role in deterring such attacks.

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