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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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International Press


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International Press

Post by rocky on Sat 27 May 2017, 2:27 am

International Press

Manchester attack does not represent Islam and Muslims , The
Times newspaper published a commentary, written by the imam of Mecca mosque in the city of Leeds, Asim reader, explaining the position of imams Britain and all Muslims from the suicide attack , which was carried out by a young Briton of Libyan origin in the complex concerts in Manchester.
Says Asim, in his commentary, he said that Salman Abidi carries a Muslim name, but the "despicable attack does not represent Islam and Muslims, as it does not represent a murderer Joe Cox, the former MP in the British House of Commons, the citizens of Yorkshire."
He stressed that al - Obeidi , what he did proved that he did not fear Allaah did not care for humanity, "killing innocent soul is one of the greatest sins in Islam."
Imam Leeds mosque and believes that the ideology of the organization of the Islamic state, is working not to live Muslims and non - Muslims in peace in a society like British society, he says "If our coexistence peacefully together prove that the organization was wrong, and when we stand together and affirm that he will not win."
Asim calls Muslims in Britain to continue to address the stresses education, education, commitment and instil confidence in the young underdog.
And it calls for the need to work to determine what it means to be a Muslim and Britain in the atheist and the twentieth century, and focus on the non - contradiction between being a Muslim and Britain at the same time, or to be followers of the Islamic faith and embrace tolerance, justice, equality , civil liberties and the rule of law values.
Asim reveals that the terrorist attacks seek to deepen the divisions of society, spreading hatred, suspicion, fear and anger, and thus cause further damage to Muslims, and this attack succeeded in his mission, according to Imam.
And some mosques have been attacked, while Muslims are also subjected to attacks in the street. Asim pointed out that " the masterminds of the attacks do not want the British Muslim feels that he is
in his own country."

Trump vows to punish those responsible for the leak
Independent newspaper published a story entitled "Trump vows to find the source of leaked information about the attack of Manchester and punished."
The paper says that the US president announced that after crossing the British Prime Minister Theresa May, publicly expressed anger at the leak of this information from the American side, adding that "this makes it the confidence between Washington and London is at stake."
The paper also suggests that a number of police and intelligence leaders conducting the investigation in the attack , expressed dissatisfaction with the leak of sensitive information at this time
And taken to London firm stance in this regard as it stopped the flow of information or share it with the American security services, regarding the attack that killed at least 22 people and wounded 60 other people.
But The Independent quoted a senior source in the fight against terrorism , saying that the exchange of information about the attack with Washington "became effective again after London for guarantees from the White House to prevent any leaking of information."
Mai told the US president during their meeting in the summit of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) that the leak of intelligence information highly confidential "can be detrimental to the special relations between Britain and the United States."

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