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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Independent: British police will investigate Qatari torture in the UAE


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Independent: British police will investigate Qatari torture in the UAE

Post by rocky on Wed 13 Sep 2017, 3:37 am

Independent: British police will investigate Qatari torture in the UAE

The Independent published a report by its Middle East correspondent, Robert Fisk, in which it said that lawyers for three Qatari nationals had presented to the British police evidence of torture and unlawful imprisonment by 10 UAE officials, including a minister in the UAE government and a senior security adviser, who blamed them for their imprisonment.
British police found themselves in the midst of the Gulf crisis when human rights lawyer Rodney Dixon presented details of beatings, torture and illegal imprisonment today. He called on the British police to investigate the 1988 Criminal Justice Act, which gives police powers to detain citizens Foreigners who enter British territory and interrogate them in case of suspected war crimes, from torture or abductions that occurred anywhere in the world.
"British Prime Minister Teresa Mae, who decided a few weeks ago to keep a confidential report prepared by the Interior Ministry on terrorism financing, fearing anger against Saudi Arabia would be angry to find out the demand from the police investigating alleged crimes," Fisk said. Committed by prominent officials in the UAE, Saudi Arabia's most important ally in the dispute with Qatar. "
During the interrogation, one of the three Qataris was accused of belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood, a movement that accuses Qatar of supporting it. The same man, who was accused of being linked to the Qatari security establishment, was beaten and shackled and held in solitary confinement for a year.
"Article 134 of the Criminal Justice Act, which May may not like, allows British border security agencies to hold accountable any person, including the rich and important Arab dignitaries visiting Britain for holidays, and investigate torture and war crimes committed abroad."
The Qatari issue dates back to 2013-2015. The Qatari government preferred to resolve the crisis out of the limelight. One of them was arrested at Dubai airport. The other two were arrested while crossing the Saudi border into the UAE.
The newspaper said the Qatari security official was accused of trying to bring in spy equipment to the UAE, while the other two recorded "confessions" on the video before their release in May 2015, saying they were forced to confess after being subjected to long sessions of torture and electrocution and ghost.
"The issue would have ended when they were released if the Gulf crisis did not break out, even if the UAE did not show confessions of two of the three on television," the Independent said.

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