(Reuters) - US President George W. Bush unveiled a secret visit to Washington on January 5, 2017, two weeks before Donald Trump was elected president of the United States. According to a report on the site on Sunday, "the visit, which was not announced at the time, during which he met with the King of Jordan three senior advisers to the White House Hotel Four Seasons in the neighborhood of Manhattan, they are Michael Flynn national security adviser to Trump, and Steve Bannon, chief strategist Trump, and Gared Kushner, For the Middle East. "

According to the report, "the four communities soon left the hotel by limousine to an unknown destination after the meeting ended, and hours later issued a statement in the Jordanian capital Amman, announces the return of the king from a private visit without specifying the location." According to Bezvid, "the subject of the discussion at the meeting of Flin, Bannon and Kouchner with King Abdullah II highlighted the Marshall Middle East project of 40 peaceful nuclear reactors." But two others described them as "knowledgeable" about the Middle East, including the Palestinian cause and Syria.

In a report published last week by the Wall Street Journal, BZFID gave details of the 40th project of a peaceful nuclear reactor in the Middle East, the Marshall Project Middle East, Trump for National Security Michael Flynn, secretly handling it without reporting to US regulators. According to the Wall Street Journal report, "Flynn secretly visited Cairo and discussed with the officials the subject of changing the contract of the Dabaa nuclear reactor to become under US-Russian joint supervision rather than being an Egyptian-Russian contract."