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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Remote banking services to ensure development and investment environment of the country


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Remote banking services to ensure development and investment environment of the country

Post by rocky on Mon 21 Oct 2013, 5:38 pm

Remote banking services to ensure development and investment environment of the country

10/22/2013 12:00 AM

BAGHDAD - Farah pumice

Counting banking experts and specialists linked banks in the public and private telecommunications network and one "jump task" in the banking system in Iraq, in order to provide banking services at the level of the banking industry world. Economist and banker Dr. Majid Suri said in a statement to the (morning): The "This program is very important to provide modern services to customers of banks, regardless of the individuals or institutions", as it offers quick service by calling, which is called "Dealing remote" with the customers of banks., adding that this project deals with all who can use Mobile phone in both outside Iraq or inside it, as it facilitates and accelerates the process of completing banking transactions, especially that this project took decades in some countries of the world to be done and implemented, however, in Iraq during the present time, the electronic trading, ستختصر this period, to a large degree and starts expansion later, pointing out that he needs to be a culture and awareness banking high-insured for the customer, it is necessary to have a special law for the legitimacy of the deal means electronic, whether in government or private. urged the expert to find a cadre manner that can handle this project, as well as awareness of the citizen or the customer's order to be able to deal with him, calling to spread awareness and culture by the central bank and the government and private banks in the Iraqi street in order to reach the required level to deal with this project. pointed Suri to the importance of the awareness of citizens through the media and seminars, as well as educate the customer at the Bank to demonstrate the ease of dealing with this project and ensure the protection and the absence of the possibility of error and theft, as it has to be that there will be awareness enough by all the stakeholders in this issue, as it will reduce the work routine paperwork bureaucracy, believing that it will be implemented soon., in turn, he saw a member of the Committee Economy and Investment MP Abdul Abbas Xiaa that this project will create an investment environment and development of the country. added Xiaa in a press statement, that (the project) will bring international companies to invest in various sectors, they are looking for a banking system developed in the environment in which they invest to ensure that their funds and maintain. mentions The central bank announced its intention to implement a project linking local banks network unified communications, managed by an international specialized company in order to facilitate banking transactions and control the work of banks in the country. Iraq has more than 50 banks with about 800 branches in Baghdad and the provinces, according to statistics of the Central Bank the per capita share of the Iraqi banking less than four times what it is in neighboring countries.

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