Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Defense, Benjamin Netanyahu, threatened to intensify the war against the Iranian military presence in Syria , against the background of the US decision to withdraw from Syria recently. 

"We will continue to work hard against Iran's efforts to consolidate its presence in Syria," Israeli media quoted Netanyahu as saying after the trilateral summit with Greek and Cypriot leaders in Beersheba . 

"We do not plan to reduce our efforts, but we will increase them, and I know that we will do so with the full support and support of the United States."

The Times of Israel commented that the White House shocked the world and US defense and foreign policy officials yesterday when it announced that Washington had accomplished its mission in Syria, defeated a militant organization and planned to withdraw its troops from the country. 

The Israeli news website said that analysts and defense officials from around the world rejected the "allegations of defeat of the organization is urging" in Syria, stressing that thousands of elements of this organization are still working in Syria despite the losses suffered by the organization. 

Although US President Donald Trump has said in the past that he intends to withdraw US troops from Syria, the announcement on Wednesday surprised many officials in the Ministries of Defense and Foreign Affairs of the United States. 

He added that many details of plans to withdraw about 2000 soldiers from Syria are still unknown, especially the timetable for this task. 

He also pointed out that this withdrawal will deprive IsraelFrom a "strong ally in its war against Iran in Syria and may open the door to Iran to establish a so-called bridge of land, from Iran through Iraq and Syria to Lebanon and the Mediterranean." 

The Israeli Prime Minister issued a video statement yesterday, in which he confirmed that US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told him that the United States will continue to influence events in Syria. 

Netanyahu said he spoke with US President Donald Trump on Monday and with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Tuesday, who told him the president's intention was to withdraw troops from Syria and that they had other ways to express their influence on the scene. 

"Of course, this is a US decision ... We will examine the timetable, the method of operation, and of course the implications for us, and anyway we will ensure the security of Israel and ourselves in that arena," he said.