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(12) US condition for initiating dialogue with Iran ... or war


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(12) US condition for initiating dialogue with Iran ... or war Empty (12) US condition for initiating dialogue with Iran ... or war

Post by rocky on Tue 11 Jun 2019, 3:55 am

(12) US condition for initiating dialogue with Iran ... or war

Monitoring Solution Iraq
It announced a spokeswoman # Alforeigh_alomirkah  # Morgan_oortegos  , the # solution  only with # Iran  is a new agreement that includes a halt to all the threats posed by, considering that the conditions of the 12 announced by the Minister # Maak_boumbeo  form the basis of this Agreement.
She Oortegos during the daily briefing of US foreign, said that «in the framework of a package # sanctions  , the new US imposed by Washington Friday against part of the sector # petrochemicals  in Iran, the # Washington  will target any company in the petrochemical sector, or any sector other offers financial support to companies , engaged # Sanctions  ".
Stressing that «campaign #  US maximum pressure  on Iran #  will continue, and do not compromise by the # Washington  or its allies on the possibility of # Tehran  to acquire a nuclear weapon».
Pointing out that «there is a consensus between Washington and its allies on the threat posed by the program # missiles  ballistic # Iran  and its terrorist activities and violations of human # human ».
In response to Tehran's  threats to violate some of the key restrictions in the nuclear deal and the threats of its foreign minister, Mohammad Jawad, Zarif  Washington, Ortigos said, "Making threats, using nuclear  blackmail  , and terrorizing other countries is normal behavior of the revolutionary regime in Tehran."
Pledging that "Washington will hold Iran accountable for any action against the American  people and interests , regardless of who is doing it, whether Iran  or its agents."
As for the American conditions, Ortegos considered that "the only solution with Iran is a new agreement that addresses all of Iran's threats, addressed by Minister Pompeo  , through the 12 demands that must be applied before the lifting of sanctions  ."
It is noteworthy that among the #  12 American demands  announced by Pompeii, "Iran has exposed all details of its nuclear program and allowed for continuous inspections, working to limit the spread of the ballistic missiles  and those carrying nuclear warheads, and stop Tehran supporting terrorist groups in the Middle East  .
The US president, Donald Rumsfeld  , withdrew last year from the nuclear deal with Iran in 2015 after he described it as "catastrophic," especially as he addressed the nuclear issue and ignored other issues such as the missile program and interventions in the Middle East.

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