BAGHDAD: Iraq News Network count economist, the abolition of institutions, departments, companies and government or re Heldltha that he is not a solution "to cancel the job slack in it ."Said David Zayer. The slack administrative located in the departments and institutions is too large and needs to be restructured, but there is a problem is the presence of Career Level huge. "Hepointed out that" the human resources department of the state is the wrong administration of non -human energy investment in production and here is the flaw. "Among Zayer" If we can convert idle bodies that do not work and Tsenzv state funds to operating according to its competence could then better human resources management. " 
He noted economist that " the solution to these problems , state institutions is not resolved or canceled, but re - investment of human resources." 
The Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi had announced last September that the number of employees who earn salaries from the state is more than four million people, nearly 20 percent of the country 'sworkforce by an estimated population of 36 million people. He was Abadi since 11 last August count packages reform in the economic, financial and administrative area and included a comprehensive and immediate reduction in the number of protections for all state officials and the abolition of theposts of vice President and Prime Minister immediately and remove all the top positions of theindependent bodies, agents and Ministries and advisers and managers of two years of political and sectarian quotas, reducing its ministries and agencies to raise the work efficiency government and reduce costs.