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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Do you change the managers of bank part of the economic reform in Iraq?


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Do you change the managers of bank part of the economic reform in Iraq?

Post by rocky on Tue 12 Jul 2016, 8:24 am

Do you change the managers of bank part of the economic reform in Iraq?

Editor 07/11/2016    Lights Add comment 8 visit Hamid Abdul Hussein al-Jubouri The banking sector exercised an important and significant role in stimulating the economy and activate when the right environment is available for the exercise of his works from the hand, and when the same desire for serious and sincere in improving the banking sector's performance in general and the performance of each bank in particular, on the other hand, that the lack of security and stability and political chaos and widespread administration available corruption and other internal conflicts, are factors that hinder the performance of the banking sector, and that what matters worse is the absence of bank management in general or particular, relevant experience and competence and skill in the management of banking activity. Launch economic reforms and stalled In 08.09.2015 Prime Minister Dr. Haider al-Abadi presented in the special session of the Council of Ministers for the first package of reforms voted on by the Council of Ministers unanimously text, and the third point of that package bother axis of economic reform, which stipulates in point (1) that "holds crisis cell to take appropriate decisions to activate investment and stimulate the private sector movement through: the activation of loans to stimulate the economy in the country, and run the unemployed, both endorsed by the cell in respect of loans scheduled for the industrial sector and the agricultural sector and the housing sector and the (5) trillion dinars, with regard to loans to support small projects amounting trillion dinars. The committee in charge of development of mechanisms to make recommendations before the end of this week. " Despite the approval of the Prime Minister in the 6/9/2015 firing mechanisms granted industrial and agricultural loan and housing at the center of economic reform, called the (Iraqi Central Bank loan for a year program in 2015), but he did not execute this program yet, but the central bank announced on the third of June, and, receiving requests from wishing the implementation of agricultural projects, industrial and housing and this month will begin banks to distribute loans to the beneficiaries, in order to activate it (the program) and to support the banking sector advanced methods far from the bureaucracy and to overcome the principle of quotas, this is what was announced Office Media Mr. Prime Minister, as a motivation to change banks managers when he said "it's Diwani (Special to change banks managers), which was issued by order of the Prime Minister came to confirm the reform approach in moving the wheel to work in the banking sector, coincided with the launch of a broader lending to industrial, agricultural and residential projects process in the private sector, which decides to adopt advanced and transparent methods based on the electronic presentation and follow-up methodology, and not according to the usual methods of bureaucracy. " He also mentioned "We have bestowed quotas on the political, technical and administrative sites cover overlooked for many years, all the legitimate questions in the basic qualifications that justify emulated important and sensitive sites management, and successive attacks directed to discredit the highly qualified are now offering an alternative to the chaos of the quotas, but understand them insistence on impeding traffic toward reform, exceeding the sharing of positions, more than they intended to Salah state and its institutions, "all of this push Prime Minister Dr. Haider al-Abadi to change banks managers. Changing banks managers part of every Changing banks managers is not enough to achieve economic reform in Iraq unless there was a comprehensive reform of the first two reform self any reform of the banking sector, the start of the legislation and the reform of laws and follow-up implementation and monitoring, through the work to achieve coordination -After change doubtful banks managers Adaihm- what between private and government banks on the one hand and between the Iraqi Central Bank on the other hand, the end of the reform supervisor for the launch and operation of banking plans and their implementation to ensure that no deviation from what is her decree. The second aspect is the objective of reform, any reform of each subject could affect the effectiveness of the banking sector except for self-reform, for example, the subject of lack of security and stability adversely affect the performance of State-owned banks, as the occupation of some of Iraq's provinces of Daash terrorist gangs and the displacement of residents of those provinces will be the issue of the payment of the borrowers about the amounts they owe to the banks, as well as theft Daash deposits of customers in those banks, as some sources indicate that the money stolen from banks amounted billion dollars, and high-risk lending to customers that disrupted the work of banks, and this is what the impact on deposits in other provinces because customers in these provinces will withdraw most of its deposits in case of any emergency happens, and so for financial corruption and fully aware of internal conflicts, political chaos and lack of awareness of the bank in the community and reduced the role of the private sector in the Iraqi economy and stringent tax laws that affect the borrowers ... etc. It seems that changing the managers of bank came as a result of the collision of economic reform is not a snag bank financing because the central bank launched (CBI loan for the year program of 2015), which was worth six trillion Iraqi dinars, but the administration of banking for banks the main (agricultural, industrial and real estate and housing and Rafidain and Rasheed) is the reason of the delay in achieving economic reform, which caused an increase in unit economics Iraq contraction, whose effects in the slowdown in economic growth and increase unemployment, if the implementation of that program without colliding banking management of unemployment has fallen to low levels and Ozdd economic growth due to the productivity of industries rather than relying on revenue oil, and thus are on the right direction to diversify the Iraqi economy, by virtue of the loan program was concerned with the agricultural side of the industrial side is very large plan. Specialized banks ratios of the five trillion dinars As the sum of loans to medium and large enterprises ratios within the specialized banks, agricultural and industrial Kalmsrv 66% each with 33% of the amount allocated to support those of five trillion dinars projects, while the total loans to medium and large enterprises ratios also but within the Land Bank and the Housing Fund 34 % of that amount for each 17%, in order to support the Iraqi economy and to address cases of recession and lack of liquidity and stimulate real growth rate by pumping money into the Iraqi market by those specialized banks, raising the production rates in the agricultural and industrial sector and the creation of residential projects that contribute to the infrastructure development infrastructure of the Iraqi economy. Since one of the objectives of government loan program is to develop the small existing projects, and also create new projects to support productive projects, small and medium companies, have been allocated an amount of 1 trillion Iraqi dinars to support these projects and are distributed through banks at an interest rate of 4% note that the loan shall not be granted for the purchase of residential units and the repair and construction on the grounds that the housing sector projects were covered by loans of large and medium-sized enterprises. And that the target groups within the small projects they include business, trade and industry, hotels, restaurants, shops, supermarkets, commercial centers and workshops of various kinds sector. The advantage of this program that includes all of Iraq's provinces with the speed of the approval of the loan, in addition to low interest rates. The conclusion of optimism, it is fortunate, that the delay in the implementation of the Central Bank loan for the year program in 2015 because of the dominance of quotas and bureaucracy and other managers of banks, came to coincide with the 2016-2020 strategic plan launched by the Central Bank of Iraq, so that the use of these loans in the construction of a free market economy based on market factors, competition and enable the private sector to play a role basis in economic development, noting that the plan revealed in the light of the objectives of the central bank in the law is the basis of achieving stability in domestic prices and maintain a stable financial system and work to promote sustainable development and providing job opportunities and achieve prosperity in Iraq. The plan also paid great attention to the control and supervision of the banking sector Achieve Reform Almata- for the bank efficiently and effectively sector construction works on the basis of best practices based on the fact that this sector includes banks established mostly during the past few years and is still far from the modern standards and practices and diversity activities, as well as his lack of systems and technologies and programs of modern and qualified personnel.

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