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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Emails show Hillary using Air Force planes for travel since at least 2009, likely for health reasons


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Emails show Hillary using Air Force planes for travel since at least 2009, likely for health reasons

Post by Lobo on Fri Sep 02, 2016 7:34 pm

Emails show Hillary using Air Force planes for travel since at least 2009, likely for health reasons
Friday, September 02, 2016 by: J. D. Heyes

(NaturalNews) As the presidential campaign season enters its final phase, more news questioning the health of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has arisen, this time in relation to her chosen form of travel while serving as secretary of state.

In recent days, the New York Post reported that Clinton confided in one of her closest aides, Huma Abedin, that taking commercial flights was too "burdensome," and that in order to get from New York to Washington, D.C., she would need the U.S. Air Force to fly her.

Now to some, that reeks of special privilege and Clinton using her post to abuse the taxpayer, and to borrow her word, burden the Pentagon unnecessarily. But her request could also have been an early sign that Clinton's physical condition was not as advertised.

Email exchanges from May 4, 2009 – just a few months after Clinton took over the State Department – between the then-secretary of state and Abedin, indicate that Clinton was attempting to figure out how to avoid the air shuttle that runs hourly between the Big Apple and the nation's capital. The reason: Clinton wasn't feeling well.

Privilege – or medical necessity?

"Do you think we could get a plane for Westchester flight back tonight?" Clinton asked in an email that was recently released by Judicial Watch, the legal watchdog group that was forced to sue the State Department for those and other records.

"It's going to rain all day and I still don't feel great, so the idea of playing a guessing game w the shuttle is really burdensome to me. What do you think? Could be any time that works for the Air Force," Clinton wrote in her email to Abedin.

Abedin, an hour and 40 minutes later, replied: "Yes of course. Looking into it. Around what time do u think?"

"Six or 7 – does that work?" Clinton inquired.

The exchange shows that the trusty aide managed to get the request done quickly. "Plan confirmed. Its the c21, the little one that we've taken before," Abedin responded, stating further that the aircraft would be at White Plains, N.Y., around 6 pm for departure. But at 5:15 pm, Clinton emailed Abedin again with a change of plan, asking if the aircraft would wait for her if she could not arrive before 7-8 pm. "Yes of course," replied the trusted aide.

Naturally, this email exchange highlights the benefits of being the country's top diplomat and one of its top officials. And millions of Americans – as well as some members of Congress – are no doubt going to be upset that Clinton acted more like a queen than a public servant in expecting the Air Force to provide her with flight transportation – with the exception, of course, of Air Force I and II, which are reserved for the president and vice president.

If Trump needed help climbing steps the press would be all over him

Clinton is using a private jet owned – unsurprisingly – by Wall Street banking firm Howard & Brett LLC, which is registered to the address in Gramercy of John D. Howard, a former executive for Bear Stearns, and a senior managing partner and former chief executive officer of Irving Place Capital (Howard donated $2,700 to Clinton last year according to election records).

But the bigger issue is the issue of her health. "...[A]nd I still don't feel great" is the part of this email exchange that should stick out the most in light of recent questions raised about her health problems by Trump, TV doctor personality Dr. Drew and others.

What's more, the press aren't asking the question they should be – like, why she hasn't held a press conference in more than 263 days, and why she needs help just to get up a short flight of steps. If this were Trump, the mainstream press would be all over him, questioning his fitness and digging up anything they could on his condition.

Clinton is vying to become president of the United States, so the state of her health is vitally important and should be treated as such.


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