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The Senate approves the appointment of a new director of the FBI


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The Senate approves the appointment of a new director of the FBI Empty The Senate approves the appointment of a new director of the FBI

Post by rocky on Wed 02 Aug 2017, 2:24 am

The Senate approves the appointment of a new director of the FBI

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The US Senate overwhelmingly approved the appointment of Christopher Ray as the new director of the FBI, three months after President Donald Trump was sacked by former director James Coomy.
The appointment of this successful and ambitious criminal lawyer was approved on Tuesday, easily and without controversy. Ray received broad support from both members of the Republican and Democratic parties after he told the senators that he "prefers to resign to bow down to political interference."
The Senate voted 92 to 5 against the appointment of Christopher Ray, who will take over at a difficult stage for the FBI.
Komi's earlier dismissal raised charges that Trump was trying to impede the investigation into alleged contacts between his aides and Russia during last year's presidential campaign, leading to the appointment of special prosecutor Robert Mueller as special adviser to lead the investigation.
The first challenge likely to be faced by Christopher Ray is to ensure the independence of the 30,000 employees of the FBI, after stressing to lawmakers that he would be an independent director who does not follow anyone.
"You can not do such a job without being ready to resign or sack at a moment when you are asked to do something illegal, unconstitutional, or even morally repugnant," he told the Senate law committee last month.
"You have to be able to stand firm for your principles."
Ray, 50, who was born to a family of lawyers, graduated from Yale Law School and served as a prosecutor at the Justice Department for years.
In 2003 he became assistant to the justice minister and was responsible for the department's criminal department and oversaw investigations into corruption, including the case of Texas energy giant Enron, which collapsed as a result of billions of corruption losses.
Ray resigned in 2005 from his official position and joined the private law firm King and Spolding in Washington and Atlanta, where he represented many companies.
He recently worked for Chris Christie, Trump's ally, in the so-called "Bridgegate" political scandal in New Jersey.
The successive heads of the FBI have always been a source of concern to American presidents. In the 1990s, former President Bill Clinton, who ruled the United States for eight years of investigations against him, was led by FBI director Louis Frey, who was chosen by Clinton himself.

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