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Al-Nusairi: The reconstruction of liberated cities requires a joint national effort of the army, mi


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Al-Nusairi: The reconstruction of liberated cities requires a joint national effort of the army, mi

Post by rocky on Sat 13 Jan 2018, 4:03 am

 Al-Nusairi: The reconstruction of liberated cities requires a joint national effort of the army, ministries and the private sector

The economic and banking adviser Samir Nusairi on Saturday stressed the importance of allocating 50 per cent of the increases achieved by the high oil prices for this year, which will be a fair $ 70 a barrel while the price estimates in the budget of 2018, as well as 50 percent of the total loans received by Iraq from the International Monetary Fund And other financial and international institutions, as well as grants and assistance from donor countries participating in the Kuwait Conference and the Reconstruction Fund for Reconstruction and Construction, under the central supervision of the Fund.
Al-Nusairi called in an interview with "Economy News" that "the military and civil government effort and implementation of the participation of the private sector in all sectors and the empowerment of the provincial councils liberated only follow-up, as well as running the people of these unemployed provinces to work in the reconstruction of their cities to achieve two goals, And not to grant the provinces the power to contract and implementation, but it is centralized by the Fund, which is subject to the accounts of the Office of Financial Control. 
He stressed Nusairi, "the need to focus on the industrial sector and work on the financing of small and medium projects through the allocation of part of the amounts allocated by the Central Bank, amounting to 6 trillion dinars in 2016 has not been activated as required," adding that "the activation of small and medium enterprises will push demand The large on their products, which requires the establishment of a database of these projects and determine the economic feasibility of these projects.
The importance of the agricultural sector and its role in promoting development opportunities in the liberated areas and its impact on economic activity in general, which requires attention to agricultural projects and the establishment of mixed companies between the public and private sectors for land reclamation and agriculture in those provinces and the employment of the unemployed, To stimulate the private sector to implement investment projects in liberated cities. " 
Al-Nasiri called for the establishment of a company that contributes to its capital, government and private banks. It is responsible for lending and financing strategic projects in the liberated cities after the feasibility study to achieve cash flows that encourage the private sector to finance and implement them. The United Nations and international organizations for intellectual and ideological reconstruction of young people. "

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