, said a member of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee MP Mishan al - Jubouri said on Saturday that "no one" can prevent the auction of the currency, while stressing that politicians are "owners" phantom banks. 

"No one can prevent the auction of selling the currency," Jubouri said in an interview with the program "Political Kitchen", which is broadcast by Sumerian satellite channel, pointing to the reason that "politicians are the owners of fictitious banks." 

Al-Jubouri added that "each large party has 3 or 4 banks registered in the name of brother, smelter or uncle or others," pointing out that "the currency auction is an outlet for the benefit of these parties."
A member of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee said that "one bank manager was locked up and the counterterrorism service intervened. He decided to arrest the director, one of the major currency dealers, responsible for the theft of 450 million dollars." He said that he was " Integrity or any other judicial authority. " 

"He said Jubouri, that" after that, turned the country, and imposed the political blocs on the judiciary to come out (bank manager) bail of $ 15 million, "asserting that" now in London. " 

The parliamentary economic committee warned on Wednesday (June 1, 2017), the central bank to continue its policy of classification of banks to varying degrees to participate in the window of the auction currency, calling him to commit to neutrality and non-discrimination between banks. 

And the Central Bank of Iraq To sell the dollar to private banks and financial transfer companies through the auction, which is conducted daily and the amount of $ 150 million, which increase these numbers or fall on demand by these banks, which affects one way or another on the reserves of the Central Bank of Iraq, which affected significantly recently because of non-compliance Between what he gets from the dollar and between the sale through the auction.