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The Hill: Tensions On The US-Mexico Border Escalate


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The Hill: Tensions On The US-Mexico Border Escalate

Post by rocky on Mon 26 Nov 2018, 6:16 am

The Hill: Tensions On The US-Mexico Border Escalate
By Tomorrow 2 hours ago

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The US newspaper The Hill highlighted the escalating tensions on the US-Mexico border on Sunday as US authorities closed one of its busiest border crossings and fired tear gas at a group of immigrants from Central America .
The newspaper said - in the context of a report reported on its website - that the demonstrators dispersed after the arrival of tear gas to the border, which caused the crying of children and feelings of suffocation .
According to the New York Times, thousands of immigrants have been trapped in conditions described as "deplorable" at the Tijuana sports stadium for more than a week, seeking asylum in the United States in an attempt to escape widespread poverty and violence in their home countries .
For its part, the Mexican federal police tried to stop the migrants while fleeing to the border but failed, and a Mexican government official said that 30 people managed to penetrate the US border successfully .
US President Donald Trump said on Sunday that the migrants on the southern border would not be allowed to enter the United States pending their requests being approved individually by the US judiciary, accusing the Democratic Party of America of responsibility for The refugee crisis that is currently flowing across the United States through its southern border with Mexico  .
Some 500 migrants tried to cross the Mexican-American border near Tijuana to California after participating in a peaceful demonstration, according to media sources. Following that attempt, the state's customs and border protection authorities announced that the borders were closed to cars and pedestrians until further notice .

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