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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Entitled Muslim Woman Gets RUDE Awakening, She Tried To “Educate” Americans



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Entitled Muslim Woman Gets RUDE Awakening, She Tried To “Educate” Americans

Post by Lobo on Fri 23 Sep 2016, 1:17 pm

Entitled Muslim Woman Gets RUDE Awakening, She Tried To “Educate” Americans
Posted by Alex Cooper | Sep 23, 2016 | American Culture

She Tried To Mess With America And Got What She Asked For
Taking a look at recent events, it’s clear that Muslims have helped to create a heated issue. Responsible for recent terror attacks, converts of the religion claim that there is nothing violent about them or their beliefs.
Yet, the more they say this, the more it becomes increasingly obvious that it’s a ploy. How? If only 5% of a religion are “radicalized,” yet the other 95% condones and approves of their behavior, they are all responsible.
Furthermore, the entitlement these people have is insane. They have come to our country, littered it with death and destruction, and now demand to be treated “fairly.”
One woman just won the entitlement award though. She decided to go on Twitter and create her own poll because news outlets were being “mean” and “unfair.” The result? It completely backfired on her and the majority of Twitter users told her what she could do with her ideas on America.

The Poll She Thought Would Prove Her Point (Looks Like It Didn’t Go Over So Well)

We’ve got a newsflash for you there Ms. Veiszadeh: this is our country. Your ideas and your way of life have proven to be toxic to the ends of the modern world. Your people have caused more death, destruction, and pillage than any other group.
Yes. You are responsible for this. I’m sick and tired of hearing more and more politically correct nonsense. It’s about time we start calling it like it is. You detract from our nation and do nothing to contribute. In fact, refugees funneling into our country are a result of the actions of your “radicalized” Muslim Brothers (you’ve got to be a bag of rocks if you think only a subset of these people are extreme).
People commit atrocities in the name of all religions. However, I sure don’t see Christians going into clubs and gunning down 50 innocent people (Orlando). I sure don’t see Christians setting bombs in New York and New Jersey. I sure don’t see anyone cutting off heads in the name of Jesus Christ.
It’s about time we wisen up. We gave it a good try; we allowed these people into our country and gave them a chance. They ruined it. If you don’t appreciate what has been way more than we should have ever done (we should have never taken refugees to begin with; Saudi Arabia won’t even take them and they are causing the issues!), get out of this country, and make it fast.
This is the land of the free and the home of the brave. If you come here legally, we welcome you with open arms. The catch? You follow our culture. You appreciate our language and values. You stand with us in moments of terror. Don’t like it? There’s plenty of war-stricken desert for you to live in that, by the way, was caused by radical militias doing work in the name of Allah.
Don’t buy it anymore. They haven’t come to help and sure aren’t going to change their ways. Stand with Conservative Daily Post and share this message to their community. If you want to live in America, you’d better start acting like it and wave that red, white, and blue!

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Re: Entitled Muslim Woman Gets RUDE Awakening, She Tried To “Educate” Americans

Post by fonz1951 on Fri 23 Sep 2016, 4:00 pm

you tell her,i'm so damn mad i can't

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Re: Entitled Muslim Woman Gets RUDE Awakening, She Tried To “Educate” Americans

Post by Diamond on Fri 23 Sep 2016, 4:03 pm

lol! fonz lol!

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