New Israeli documents revealed the most lethal weapon of the Israeli Air Force, which destroyed the planes of the Arab countries, Egypt , Syria , Lebanon and Iraq , during the June 1967 war.

"The French-made Fotour aircraft has achieved tremendous success in eliminating the Egyptian, Iraqi, Syrian and Lebanese planes on the first day of the Six Day War (June 1967 war), the plane in which Israel found its target to target Arab countries, Other ", according to the Hebrew newspaper.
The Fotour is a French aircraft company, the French Air Force, which was used for the first time in 1952. It entered service in 1958 and ended in 1979. It was used by the Israeli Air Force during the 1967 war, Eagle ", carrying two engines, and in its capacity 8 tons of explosives, as it flies long distances, compared to other international aircraft.

Israel gave great attention to the French aircraft in 1955, when they saw what was not available in other fighter planes around the world, it is a fighter and strong and carrying many tons of explosive, and indeed allowed the French company to sell 31 aircraft type "Vtor" Israel, the type of launchers, Where Tel Aviv considered "a strong deterrent force to Arab countries," and quoted the newspaper as a "nuclear bomb."

In the 1950s, David Ben-Gurion, Israel's prime minister, decided to acquire a nuclear weapon to outdo other Arab countries, which was met with hesitation by some Israeli leaders at the time, but it is reported that Israel obtained nuclear weapons In the 1960s. At a time when Israel had more than one type of fighter aircraft, such as Fatur, Mistir, Super Myster and Mirage, the planes that destroyed its Egyptian, Syrian, Iraqi and Lebanese counterparts on the first day of the war.

According to the Israeli economic newspaper, the Israeli plane was able to reach the airport of Luxor and the Egyptian airport h3, claiming that it is a fighter of long dimensions, or fly long distances, while the newspaper confirms that the plane "Fat" was able to depict certain places in the Egyptian heart, Gurion's decision to declare the general mobilization on February 23, 1960, and hit the radar stations in Egypt in 1969, and this may be the last task of a plane in the Air Force E Raiala, who headed the American Phantom jet hand.