revealed a member of the Foreign Relations Committee in the House of Representatives Basil Hanna Ayoub, Thursday, about the existence of a trend in the committee to end the file "control families" on the Iraqi embassies abroad. 

"The committee hosted Foreign Minister Mohammed Ali al-Hakim to discuss the selection of Iraqi ambassadors and diplomats abroad according to criteria to be determined in cooperation between the ministry and the committee," Hanna said in a statement received by Alsumaria News .

She added that "the most important criteria is competence and experience and at least one of the living languages ​​that are dealt with in addition to English," stressing that "has an influential figure and enable him to represent Iraq in foreign forums and be far from any partisan or bloc influence, Professionalism and impartiality without subordination to cronyism and nepotism. " 

Ayoub stressed that "there is a tendency to scrutinize the certificates of ambassadors and diplomats and add the energies and expertise that can add to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and end the file of control of families at the Foreign Ministry and embassies and diplomatic missions abroad." 

The previous parliamentary session has seen calls from members of the House of Representatives to investigate the file of the appointment of Iraqi ambassadors to a number of countries in the world.