, said Syrian Minister of Transport Ali Hammoud, said that linking Syria and Iraq andIran railway is among the priorities that are working on his ministry, and in its strategic vision for the development of relations. 

The Syrian minister said during a meeting with the president and members of the Syrian-Iraqi company, which is visiting Syria these days, that the linking process will take place across the border Shalmgeh, pointing to the need to establish 32 kilometers of railways in the Iraqi territory to connect the Basra railway line associated with Baghdad and Karbala and Kadhimiya and northern Iraq .

He pointed out that the linking process will enable Iraqis to travel to various areas of Iran as well as transit to Syria and the exchange of goods. 

Hamoud said the planned rail network was linked to the Central Asian networks, which in turn were linked to the railways of China and Russia , noting that the link would also enable Iraq to transfer its citizens and goods to Russia and China via Iran, including to Syria. 

He pointed out that this railway network will be part of the Silk Road system, which Damascus seeks to pass through Syrian territory. 

Hamoud said the railways would enable visitors to the holy shrines in Iraq and Syria to travel by rail, and then to connect the Syrian rail to the port of Latakia.