revealed deputy from the coalition victory Tuesday, its intention to sue the prime minister , Adel Abdul - Mahdi and Finance Minister Fuad Hussein , about paying sums of money to file region of Kurdistan without the payment of any dues from the region 's oil exports to Baghdad. 

Huda said in an interview with Alsumaria News that "the Ministry of Finance granted the Kurdistan region dues three months and until March 31 and retroactive and without any savings at a time that the Kurdistan region did not deliver the government and the Ministry of Oil drop of one oil and not one barrel of oil," indicating that "this Either to be weak in the Finance Committee or weakness of the federal government and when we address the Minister of Finance on the reasons for these measures clearly answer that these are within the agreements of the Prime Minister.
"The Iraqis are equal in rights and duties, and this difference will make it my intention to raise a lawsuit against the Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance because we have to know how these amounts were disbursed in full without access to oil from the region," she said, adding that "the Prime Minister agrees with And if there is an actual agreement, then they should show it to everyone. Why is it kept hidden and why is the exploitation of the sons of the south to take their wealth and their hopes that the region pays what it has. " 

"The parliamentary financial committee has to assume its full responsibilities in this matter, so how the Commission allowed to spend those amounts without the knowledge of the Commission, which is a supervisory follow-up implementation of the federal budget," she stressed, "the importance of budgeting materials to prevent the exchange of one light to the region without the delivery of oil Interview". 

He was a member of the Kurdistan Democratic PartyMajid Shankali, said Sunday, April 7, 2019, that what the federal government sent to the region of the amounts are within the salaries of regional staff and has nothing to do with the imports of oil in the region, as provided for in the budget, calling for the exclusion of staff of the region for sterile political conflicts. 

Finance Minister Fouad Hussein said on Monday that the federal government had sent four months' salaries to employees in the Kurdistan region, pledging to commit salaries in a timely manner.