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Houthi threatens Riyadh either peace or blows more painful and deadlier


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Houthi threatens Riyadh either peace or blows more painful and deadlier Empty Houthi threatens Riyadh either peace or blows more painful and deadlier

Post by rocky on Sun 22 Sep 2019, 3:04 am

[size=30]Houthi threatens Riyadh either peace or blows more painful and deadlier[/size]
By AhadNA3  22/09/2019 
Houthi threatens Riyadh either peace or blows more painful and deadlier Thumbnail.php?file=_____________1_942312454

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No red lines and blows more painful and more deadly wait for Riyadh if it does not tend to him, this was confirmed by Mr. Abdul - Malik al - Houthi , as part of its emphasis on the new peace initiative launched by the political leader of the Supreme Council President Mehdi Mashat   included stop targeting the Saudi aircraft march and ballistic missiles and all forms of targeting Once it stopped its aggression on Yemen.
Al-Mashat, who was speaking on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the September 21 revolution, also stressed internal reconciliation and called on all parties from all sides of the war to engage seriously in real and serious negotiations leading to comprehensive national reconciliation that does not exclude any of the parties. An open national membership for those wishing to be deceived by foreign aggression in order to find reconciliation and our right to blood Yemen, and to maintain the remaining ties of brotherhood and to overcome the higher national interests, calling on the team to continue and redouble efforts to communicate with various Yemeni parties.
Al-Mashat announced the cessation of the targeting of Saudi territory by flying planes, ballistic missiles, wings and all forms of targeting. The continuation of the war will not be in the interest of anybody, but may lead to serious developments that we do not want to happen with the belief that the greatest harm will not be on us, but on the countries of aggression, primarily and directly.
In a statement, Abdul-Malik al-Houthi stressed on this initiative and called on Riyadh to respond to it, adding that it is in the interest of the aggression coalition to take advantage of the initiative and to stop the aggression will stop the strikes with drones and missiles on the Saudi rear and stressed that in the absence of response, there will be no red lines for the Yemeni forces More painful, deadlier and more dramatic strikes await the aggression states in the future, he said, adding that the strikes will reach the depth of their areas and their most important economic, oil and vital installations, and there are no red lines in this context.
The initiative launched by President Al-Mashat came hours after the warnings of the head of the national delegation Mohammed Abdul Salam about the breach of the agreement Hodeidah by Saudi aggression, where Abdul Salam, warned of the collapse of the Swedish agreement after the dangerous escalation by the Saudi-American aggression to launch intensive raids on Hodeidah.
Abdulsalam said in a tweet on Twitter: "Intense raids on Hodeidah in a dangerous escalation that would torpedo the Sweden agreement," and therefore let the coalition bear the consequences of this escalation.
Spokesman of the National Salvation Government Daifallah Al-Shami also stressed that the implementation of a military operation by the aggression coalition in Hodeidah is a clear violation of the Swedish agreement and the formal disavowal of it and the detention of vessels licensed by the United Nations is an arbitrary violation aimed at tightening the siege on the Yemeni people and to bear the losses of the survival of ships at sea.
This comes after the targeting of Aramco in a large-scale operation, which the army and the Yemeni People's Committees called the second deterrence, stressing to continue their painful attacks in case the aggression does not stop and the siege on their country is not lifted.
Yemenis hope that the Saudi regime will return to the voice of reason, especially as these initiatives come after four and a half years of aggressive war waged by Saudi Arabia has proved days that Riyadh will achieve nothing in Yemen Saudi Aramco in the Eastern Province is now waiting for more painful and deadly strikes if it decides to go ahead with its war on Yemen. It is clear that Saudi Arabia is in a real crisis today and is overwhelmed. Signed Yemen This initiative is an aid to Riyadh by the Yemenis to get Saudi Arabia out of this quagmire, which drowned five years ago.

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