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Integrity announces its 2019 annual report


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Integrity announces its 2019 annual report Empty Integrity announces its 2019 annual report

Post by rocky on Wed 19 Feb 2020, 8:09 am

Integrity announces its 2019 annual report

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The Economy News - Baghdad
The Federal Integrity Commission revealed, on Wednesday, the details of its accomplishments and its investigative, legal, preventive and educational work for the past year 2019, highlighting the accomplishment of its departments, directorates and investigation offices affiliated with them in all of Iraq except for the Kurdistan Region.
A statement of the authority, seen by the "Economy News", stated that it "confirmed the investment of its complementary relations with the system of supervisory bodies and its work to develop a national strategy for integrity and combating corruption in partnership with the Federal Financial Supervision Bureau; in line with other national plans and strategies and sustainable development plans, including a diagnosis and analysis of the reality of corruption In Iraq and general goals to enhance integrity, and its inclusion in a national index to measure the level of integrity in state institutions through an implementation plan that includes a distribution of the roles of formal and informal institutions, as the body works to implement this plan Lal this year 2020. "
The Authority’s annual report for 2019 indicated that “the public funds that were recovered or judicial rulings issued to refund them and which prevented and stopped the organization’s waste and that were returned to the public treasury account totaled (2,848,053,153,892) trillion, eight hundred and eighty-three million, One thousand eight hundred and ninety two Iraqi dinars.
The report pointed out that "the commission considered (26163) reports, news, and criminal cases during the same period (with the recycled of previous years), and that it worked on (13886) criminal cases, of which judicial procedures were completed (9805), while the number of accused persons in criminal cases ( (10143) accused, (13649) were charged, including (50) ministers and his rank, (73) were charged, and (480) accused were of special ranks and general managers, and their ranks were charged (711), pointing to the issuance of ( 931) A verdict of conviction (1231), among which (3) provisions for a conviction against (4) ministers and their ranks, and (54) a verdict against (45) persons of GAT Special and General Managers and their rank. "
He added that "the investigations of the commission led to the issuance by the judiciary authorities of (2473) arrest warrants, of which (857) were rotated, (1030) orders were executed during the same period, while the number of ministers and those with their rank issued an arrest warrant (9) ministers, by (17) An arrest warrant, and (165) another arrest warrant issued against (91) of special ranks and general directors. 
The report continued that "the number of judicial recruitment orders issued, based on the investigations of the commission during the same period (7173), to reach with the rotator (7858), of which (6184) were executed, explaining that the number of ministers and their ranks against whom recruitment orders were issued was (34), (45) recruitment orders were issued against them, at a time when the number of those who were issued judicial orders to recruit from special grades and general managers (340) were issued officials (437) issued orders, in addition to issuing (1923) judicial arrest warrants, including two notes Two ministers have been charged against two of the ministers, and (29) warrants have been issued against (25) accused persons of Private and general managers. "
He explained that "the number of accused persons, criminal cases, discretionary amounts and cases covered by the General Amnesty Law, reached (579) accused in (363) criminal cases, and the amounts paid according to the amnesty law amounted to (1,617,554,719) billion dinars." 
And that "the commission has worked during 2019 on (239) judicial decisions in absentia to hand over convicted fugitives and defendants required for the judiciary, and opened (109) files for extradition of fugitive defendants and convicts, to prove their departure from Iraq, including (3) ministers and their rank and (5) with Special grades and general managers, while work was done on (210) files to recover the smuggled money, including: (5) files related to ministers and their ranks, and (52) files against those with special degrees and general managers, and the total amount of money recovered from inside and outside Iraq and the money The convicted person for recovery and seizure since the creation of the recovery department In the commission until the end of last year (1,352,782,381) billion dollars, (11,968,715) million euros, (2,329,521) two million pounds, 793,789,273,314 billion Iraqi dinars, (720,529) thousand dinars, and (3,652) thousand Swiss francs ".
He pointed out that "the seizures carried out by the commission during the year 2019, (according to the report), amounted to (583) operations during which (1044) accused were seized, reinforced by the criminal prosecutions that are seized and fixed in the fundamental records of the organization organized by the teams submitted to the investigative authorities. About it seized approximately (37) billion Iraqi dinars, by (36,872,775,567) billion Iraqi dinars and (495,900) US dollars.
He added, "The report included a review of the projects and drafts of laws, instructions and regulations proposed by the authority, indicating the issuance of the first amendment to the law (the Integrity and Illegal Gain Authority) Law No. 30 of 2011 amended, referring to the measures taken in relation to those proposals by the relevant authorities."
The statement continued, "The authority received (26,457) forms to disclose the financial liability, as the response rate of the Presidents of the Republic, the ministers, the House of Representatives, the deputies of the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the Judicial Authority was (100) percent, and the ministers (77,27) percent, and the heads of agencies and entities not affiliated with a ministry ( 80) percent, and members of the House of Representatives (38,65) percent.
The report concluded, "The report also reviewed the educational awareness activities and events launched by its departments, indicating the organization of (234) programs, campaigns, sessions, workshop, symposium, forum and panel discussion that included more than (9,000) participants, including: Programs (a day in hospitality of integrity) and (employee immunization) Against corruption) and (young people are an essential pillar in the fight against corruption).

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