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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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\The private sector. A real arm to build the country.


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\The private sector. A real arm to build the country. Empty The private sector. A real arm to build the country.

Post by rocky on Wed 26 Aug 2020, 7:11 am

\The private sector. A real arm to build the country.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2020

The private sector. A real arm to build the country.
Ala al-Nouri, an economist, described the real arm in the process of building the country and developing the economy, because of its financial and technological capabilities, as well as the speed of decision-making, away from the complexity and confusion that accompanies the implementation of the works.
"The private sector desperately needs to provide stable and subsidized energy sources such as electric power, fuel and oil derivatives, because it represents 50 percent of the cost of production and quality development, in order to compete with foreign products and contribute to lowering prices to match the purchasing power of citizens, as well as to protect investors or the private sector from blackmailing parties, their economic body and their executive bodies," he said.
A system of laws
He pointed out that "the importance of enacting a system of laws protecting the private sector from extortion, and preparing a detailed, accurate and clear understanding regulation that will be a work guide for the public and private sector that determines and controls their relationship and the mechanisms of dealing and the rights and duties of each party, as well as giving the private sector a real, correct and effective electronic window to complete and prepare what is required of it to complete the required procedure before setting a date for the appearance of the entrepreneur or its representatives, not to exceed the date of 3 days or according to the desire of the owner of the project." He urged the establishment of controls and limits to deal between the security agencies and the private sector without any hindrance, but the final procedures are carried out after the completion of the evidence and evidence and if it is not proven or to indicate that the charges are malicious or motivated by personal, partisan and tribal motives and commercial competition the convict is prosecuted in accordance with the laws in force for sabotage of the economy and extortion and the realization of the interest sought by non-foreigners.
Industrial fraud
He stressed the need to legislate laws that criminalize the private sector from engaging in industrial, commercial and marketing fraud or changing and manipulating the origins or tax and customs evasion or smuggling and laundering money laundering or fictitious projects, such as that the project should be a front for a factory in a foreign country and its work is limited to assembly and not manufacturing, as well as Prevent companies private and public projects from entering into partnership contracts with foreign companies or agencies, in order to be considered the products of those companies and agencies as a local product to circumvent the law and benefit from tax and customs exemptions and obtain contracts for processing, selling, buying and renting without bidding, bidding or competition.
He warned that the investment authority, provinces or ministries will be responsible for investment contracts in accordance with plans and an annual investment map announced quarterly, including all opportunities and projects, and with accurate, boring and detailed details with the answer to, all inquiries about them within hours and the competition is advertising, participation, analysis and assignment according to the F regulations. The procedures are conducted directly and on air from receiving the announcement, receiving offers, opening tender boxes, analysis, assignmentand records, and requiring the involvement of the Financial Supervisory and Integrity Office by working with the requirement not to resort to spare orders, in relation to the origin, schedule of quantities and location, and to change the activity absolutely so as not to be subjected to blackmail."
Real money.
He said: "It is necessary to specify a specific day to start the project and a specific time for completion and operation and the right to cancel the project and withdraw it in case otherwise in order to ensure the participation of real capital and secure companies and not dealers by chance or brokerage offices or blackmailing fronts party or social, and cancel The principle of the operational advance is absolutely based on the adoption of the payment mechanism to the extent of the actual completion rates associated with the processing and implementation of the project paragraphs and the need to synchronize the implementation of the project paragraphs for processing with construction and implementation, so as not to repeat fraud and fraud in water, electricity, sewage, schools and residential complexes."
The government's ability to provide as many as $
He called for the cancellation of the paragraph and the condition of bringing a partnership contract with a global foreign company and is one of the points of trade-off to compete in analysis and assignment, because they are contracts of fraud, because all projects stopped and recalcitrant are of this kind, and prevent any exceptions to any parties at the expense of others to create a state of fair competition, and adopt the mechanism of Precalculate tax and customs, set a period of guarantee and training in a scientific and systematic manner, and contract with our commercial attachés abroad with close-up companies and according to gcc contracts to avoid contracting with corrupt firms that represent a ring of corruption of the Iraqi private sector and its political failure.
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