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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Established in 2006 as a Community of Reality

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Corruption collapse is imminent? - Bahira Al-Sheikhly


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Corruption collapse is imminent? - Bahira Al-Sheikhly Empty Corruption collapse is imminent? - Bahira Al-Sheikhly

Post by rocky on Sat 03 Oct 2020, 3:24 pm

[size=32][rtl]Corruption collapse is imminent? - Bahira Al-Sheikhly[/rtl]

October 3, 2020

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Corruption collapse is imminent? - Bahira Al-Sheikhly

Terror prevails in the political class in Iraq, after the recent measures taken by the country's prime minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, to arrest a number of corrupt officials. A step towards tackling the state of corruption, they believe, must begin with the power of corruption, who have succeeded in ruling the country after the 2003 occupation year.
The bitter experiences that the Iraqis have gone through throughout the years of the quota system, corruption, fraud and fraud, taught him how to refuse to dilute his demands, or to drug him with superficial decisions and measures that do not cure Al Ghaleel.
In fact, corruption will not end in a miracle and will not be treated with good intentions. In Mesopotamia, it is similar to a multi-headed octopus from the top of the pyramid to (young officials), as well as its many forms and diversity of methods, and all Iraqis are aware of who established corruption and looked at it And he invented tricks of plundering the country's wealth and stripping it of its savings, while the government drumming continued that Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi had prepared a comprehensive plan to eliminate the thieves of the state and the great thieves, but the Iraqis heard and hear, every day, fanfare and not see a grind, and chant in their private and public gatherings, If Al-Kazemi was serious and sincere, he would name corruption whales by their names and present his reform plan to the people, but he did not and will not, after it has been proven that he is part of the corruption dish, as he has been in almost constant contact with the mass of traitors of spies and the corrupt and devoted much of the government time to reassure the corrupt In his meetings with the corrupt parties and their terrorist militia.
As for the arrests, whether by order of Washington or by a personal decision by Al-Kazemi, they are considered by a wide range of Iraqis, the same, as they may be a misleading gesture directed to the corrupt to carry what has lost its weight and the high price.There is an opinion of a senior Iraqi journalist, Mohsen Hussein, and it was mentioned during my lengthy conversation with him, that many may not be satisfied with him, but it remains the opinion of a veteran journalist, as he says that “America supports the current prime minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, and that his measures against corruption and the corrupt have American support. These measures are in line, to some extent, with popular demands in the demonstrations that have swept Iraq, but the problem is that they are measures that addressed the third and second ranks of the corrupt and it is impossible for any ruler in Iraq, now or in the future, to dare to cross the lines set by the Americans, At the beginning of the occupation, and related to the foundations of the quota system between sects and nationalities, because this requires a military coup that may gain some popular support, but it will not be better than the coups and revolutions that have occurred in Iraq, since its establishment as a state in the early twentieth century, and yet the measures against the corrupt Of the second and third degree, good procedures are, at least, they frighten the corrupt adults and frighten the young.
Targeting the corrupt
The most dangerous opinion regarding Al-Kazemi's actions targeting the corrupt is the opinion that these measures aim to suppress the vast youth revolution in Iraq, which has reached a full year old, and the implication of this opinion is that the United States pretends, in public, to support the popular demands of the demonstrators, but at the same time, It works to end these protests by using the same slogans of the demonstrators: early elections, combating corruption and corrupt people, restoring the prestige and sovereignty of the state, border outlets, killers of demonstrators, and confronting Iranian influence ...Etc., and Al-Kazemi's job is to absorb the youth by promoting the aforementioned slogans to win the street and pull the rug from under the feet of the demonstrators, assisted by a huge intelligence-intelligence machine that drums for him, and the American Relations Foundation puts him programs and plans for activities aimed at deceiving simple people, and pretending to work to implement the goals of the protesters such as advocacy For the elections, the visits of the families of the martyrs and arranging a meeting for a number of young people chosen by the intelligence services in a gathering in the street to promise them appointment and his visits to the border outlets ... etc., and these are all drawn plans to change the mood of the simple people, gradually and in a thoughtful manner, and these simple people may not encourage their children to continue the demonstrations under the pretext: Let The man works, give him a chance.
This opinion was expressed by the former ambassador, Dr. Adnan Malik, who told me: If corruption is the worst crime of the failed sectarian quota system, then betrayal of the homeland is worse than it.
From an economic point of view, pursuing the big corrupt, seizing their movable and immovable money and returning the billions, which they own abroad, will greatly enhance the financial situation of Iraq, as the corrupt plundered more than 799 billion dollars, and if Al-Kazemi was able to return half of the looted amount, the financial situation of Iraq would be fine. According to economics professor Mohamed Taqah, who considered all the arrests of young corrupt individuals a new game of demons' games in Washington and Tehran.
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