BAGHDAD: Iraq 's grid News - attributed to the oil parliamentary power, does not restart therefinery in Baiji oil in northern Salahuddin province , which produces 300,000 barrels before itsliberation from gangs Daash terror to the great devastation suffered during the military operation to free him from the terror Daash gangs. The head Committee Ares Abdullah. " The Baiji refinery needs to rebuild and this process needs huge amounts, and today the state going through a financial crisis and we as a committee on oil and energy we have spoken with the Oil Ministry repeatedly onthis matter and is also interested in re - constructing , " noting that " the refinery destroyed almost completely and it needs money and time to turn it on "He pointed out that" a lot of oil fields located areas of war and confrontation Khmaren, Mosul and drunk and others after its liberation from Daash need to rebuild other and explore undiscovered until now. "the oil Ministry has attributed in March delayed the rehabilitation of the refinery withstand [Peggy] to steal Daash gangs terrorist equipment and destroy the other and destroy the carrier of the refinery in line, loaded Ministries dolly non - fulfillment of obligations in order to create working conditions. and showed the ministry said , "and after the field to look at and because of war damage and theft ofequipment by Daash and tampering programmed into some other equipment as well as booby -trapping some other units direct the team decided to repair the production Salahuddin / 1 line afterthe lifting of all mines that impede the work was to prepare a detailed plan to accomplish the goal."She pointed to the " Overture Council of Ministers and the ministries concerned with the relevant provision of the requirements to achieve this, through the Ministry of Defence to raise mine The remnants of war and the creation of the site to work, as well as providing full protection of therefinery and its surroundings and the path of the pipeline feeder carrier for the product as well asproviding security protection for water intakes, as well as re - processing power, for many reasons , has not been achieved from the communications of the ministry only mine lifted by the Ministry ofdefense, and we are still waiting We follow the implementation of the foregoing. "