BAGHDAD: Iraq 's grid News - revealed the oil and energy parliamentary as government efforts to circulate a draft privatization of power distribution stations in the whole of Iraq by the summer of next year. The committee member said Kawa Mohammed in a press statement, that " theParliamentary Committee today hosted the Minister of Electricity to discuss the production and distribution electric power and the rate of increase in the energy system ".hsp quoted by the agency Nina. He said Mohammed, said that" there are other files that were discussed with the minister andthe most important of the abuse on the national grid, and the rationalization of energy consumption"noting that" the ministry began the privatization of the national electricity sector began zone Zayouna in Baghdad. "He noted that" there is a tendency for the dissemination of government privatization project in the whole of Iraq for up to about 70% by next summer season, and what a positive impact on reducing waste in the system and the removal of the abuse on the national grid. "  And saw Mohammed that "there is an increase of the production of electrical energy from theprevious year by a clear margin , " adding that " the proportion of realized increase for the monthof June of this year from the previous year amounted to 12.6%, as the increase for the month ofJuly present for last year amounted to 12.5%, and an increase of August so far , 11.9%. "reminderthat the power crisis has become a crisis inherent in the Iraqi society, and all the efforts since 2003have failed to end it, despite huge amounts of money on this sector Exchange, where the crisis hasled to inflict heavy losses the country 's economy.